The socialist, anti-police political agenda fueled by the Ferguson Effect, has installed governments and prosecutors in our urban centers who have allowed crime to run rampant in the streets without consequence. Minneapolis, New York City, St. Louis, and many other cities are degenerating into chaos. Then, we bring in former CIA officer Del Wilber and interview actor Max Martini, who is walking the walk and doing great things for our wounded warriors. Del Wilber will also discuss the newest attacks on Justice Kavanaugh.


Dear Patriot,

American Airlines Sky Ball XVII, in Support of the Airpower Foundation, & Max Martini’s ‘Sgt. Will Gardner’ the movie to raise money for four charities that support our nations warriors are donating…

Four cameo roles with one line of dialogue each in the upcoming movie SUNDOWN to be directed by Max Martini (13 Hours, Captain Phillips, Saving Private Ryan, The Unit). The donated roles are 3 regulars in a local country bar and one bartender. The raffled roles push the story forward in a feisty exchange with one of the movie’s leading actors. The movie will begin filming mid November 2019 and complete early January 2020. The roles will be scheduled and photographed within those dates. Travel and accommodations included. Travel is limited to within the United States. This auction includes one of the 4 roles.

SUNDOWN LOGLINE – Jack and his childhood friend, Max, both in their thirties, drive from California to West Texas to track down the father who abandoned Jack’s pregnant mother before Jack was born. They find Jack’s father, tortured by his past, working in the adrenaline fueled world of rodeo competition. They also meet a fiery woman named Dusty and all hell breaks loose.

Max Martini is starring in the USA network series The Purge (2019). He recently completed directing his second feature film The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre. His third, Sundown, is slated to begin filming in November of 2019. His directorial debut; Sgt. Will Gardner (which is giving 30% of profits to veteran charities) he starred in along with Omari Hardwick, Lily Rabe, Robert Patrick, Dermot Mulroney, Elisabeth Röhm and Gary Sinise. Martini starred in season one of the Netflix series The Order and the upcoming Netflix horror/thriller feature Eli (2019). Additionally, he starred in Bigger (2019); the Joe Weider biopic, Michael Bay’s 13 Hours, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim and Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips. Martini is recognized from such films as Saving Private Ryan, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, David Mamet’s Red Belt, David Ayer’s Sabotage and the Legendary/Universal feature Spectral. Max Martini also starred in the television series The Unit which ran for four years on CBS. With over 35 film titles and 200 segments of television, chances are you can’t flip the channels without bumping into Max somewhere on the screen.

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