The most despicable crime on the face of the earth is child sex trafficking and the global elite are involved in controlling the industry in every country.

Has the Trump administration exposed the ties to the Mexican Cement & Concrete business and child trafficking as well as it’s
ties to various government officials?

President Trump declared a state of emergency, allowing his administration to freeze the financial accounts of anyone involved with human trafficking, child pornography, trafficking children for pedophilia or human sacrifice. And this includes politicians and state actors – “current or former government officials, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official.”

One year ago, President Donald Trump vowed to end the deplorable practice of human trafficking, responsible for supplying children to pedophiles across the world. The President appeared on cameras amidst an expert group of anti-human traffickers, presumably advising the U.S. leader of how to handle the endemic problems.

Highlighting the most horrific crimes today is the sex trafficking of children, Americas Children and Illegal Immigrants. Is this the true reason why those in government are pushing so hard against President Trump and illegal immigration? Are these elite in government payed and involved in these crimes against children?

Word is spreading like wildfire across Arizona. The word is that there are on last count 20 of sex trafficking camps being discovered in the Tucson area along the I-19 corridor and Valencia.

You guessed it, main stream media is not reporting this crime, despite overwhelming evidence to substantiate the claims and the Independent is still largely unaware of this heinous discovery in Southern Arizona.

According to Dave Hodges Report, “The camp was discovered by a group associated with VOP. VOP is a group that patrols the streets and tries to rescue veterans who are homeless, drug addicted or impaired in some fashion. The VOP associated with reporting on this Sex-Trafficking camp, where children are ostensibly used and murdered, has stated that they happened, by chance, into the discovery of this camp, from INTEL gathered from their street operations in the search for veterans at the camp site when evidence was found that implicated the site as a child-sex trafficking site.”

SHARE WITH ALL TUCSON NEWS OUTLETS… In order to provide opportunity for full transparency… the dismantling of the Child Sex Camp is being postponed for 5 hrs. Come out before then.

Camp will be dismantled with prison cell, all children’s items, all physical evidence of human trafficking, receipts with dates, and bags of human waste collected and delivered to DHS once catagoring is completed Monday afternoon.

We are demanding a full investigation into Cemex, the Builder, and the Child Sex Trafficking.

We are also demanding an investigation related to the accusation that we staged this. We will fully cooperate.

You don’t have to trust that we are being honest, you have to trust God who remains 2 moves from Checkmate.

An outspoken critic of President Trump’s Wall, Mexico based Cemex, one of the world’s largest suppliers of building materials. The company has been viewed as a potential beneficiary as the U.S. presses forward with plans to build a barrier along 1,600 miles of unfenced terrain on the southern border.

Cemex has come under intense pressure at home to boycott the multibillion-dollar project, which Trump says will curb illegal immigration from Mexico.

According to the U.S. General Services Administration’s Federal Business Opportunities website, Cemex has not registered as a potential government contractor for the border barrier. On Thursday, company spokesman Jorge Perez said Cemex also won’t supply third-party contractors working on the wall with cement or other building materials

An intricate plan that the DOJ started investigations into CEMEX in March of 2018 so that there would be no children at the camp. CEMEX is the glue to the entire child trafficking ring and no better way to expand the DOJ’s investigation.

Arizona is the key to so much crime and corruption. Let’s look past the mayor of Tucson being a Rothschild and let’s focus on the Governors. The current governor Doug Ducey is involved in all kind of scandals, some will be left in the comments, but let’s look at the previous governors.

The governor before Ducey was Jan Brewer. Most notable in the state of Arizona is a scandal about over 6000 child abuse charges that went ignored.

Before Brewer, Janet Napolitano who resigned her position as governor to join the Obama administration as Secretary of Homeland Security.

CEMEX opens the door on human/child trafficking and it ties all of these companies into President Trump’s Executive Order on Dec 21st. This is huge.

Via Cemex S.A.B. de C.V. Monterrey, Mexico

“Amid General Assembly of the United Nations meetings in New York City, Cemex officials signed an agreement to join the UN Foundation Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The public partnership seeks to protect the environment and improve local communities quality of life by creating a global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions.

By joining the Alliance (we) will foster the adoption of cookstoves in Latin America and Asia, strengthening our ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts in these regions and contributing to the well being of their communities”, said Cemex Chairman Lorenzo Zambrano. The company has worked in the field the past three years, he added providing sustainable cookstove stove solutions in tandem with government agencies, social entrepreneurs, academia and nongovernment organizations. The Alliance partnership enables Cemex participation in steering committee and advisory group activities, plus high level meetings with sister UN organizations and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Launched in 2010 by then Secretary Clinton, the Alliance eyes adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in 100 million households globally by 2020. It advocates for alternatives to open air stoves, whose pollution levels jeopardize individual and community health. The group is building bridges between the public and private sectors to make the basic but essential act of cooking safe and healthy worldwide”, notes Alliance Executive Director Rudha Muthiah.”

Cemex is a $100 million donor to the Clinton Foundation and has ties to Arizona corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Soros and Rothchilds. Cemex is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschild. Cemex is under a US DOJ investigation according to a March 14, 2018 Reuters article.

The investigation comes after the company said in December that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) had asked it for information to determine whether it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the construction of a new plant in Colombia. Editor’s Note: It is not clear what they are under investigation for. It is not clear what this “plant” in Colombia is all about. Is it tied to child-sex-trafficking? That question cannot be answered at this time because there is a media blackout on this investigation except for a brief update on May 18th by the Wall Street Journal. However, the articles did not reveal anything significant related to the specific crimes.

Emillano Salinas is the son of the former President of Mexico.

Salinas is an ex-member of NXIVM, the nasty Hollywood cartel with sex trafficking ties. You may recall that former Smallville actress Allison Mack who had self-admitted involvement in the controversial NXIVM organization.

Salinas worked for Lazard Investments. Lazard Investments is connected to George Soros.

Jonathan Rothschild is the Mayor of Tucson.

It’s been known for years that the Pima County Sheriff is controlled by the Rothschild-Greenberg cartel.

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