The outlook was encouraging, for the Donkey team that day.

They were losing one to nothing, since his report came out in May.

They expected to score big, since he took years to run things down.

And they were on the edge of their seats, the day that Mueller came to town.

As Mueller took his seat that day, a deathly silence fell through the room.

The Mighty Mueller they all knew, was about to lower the boom.

The Donkeys were well prepared, having practiced hard as a team.

And they expected to beat the Orange Man, was for certain it would seem.

All their hopes were resting on the shoulders, of their clean-up man that day.

They were certain he’d produce what was wanted, with what he had to say.

Fat Jerry the Donkey’s captain, began the day’s contest.

But the Mighty Mueller seemed confused, and was definitely not at his best.

As the Mighty Mueller sat there listening, to the questions from the Donkey team.

Concern spread throughout the room, when he asked repeatedly “what do you mean?”

“Could you read that to me again”, Mueller asked of everyone.

And by the time the event was finished, the Donkey’s knew that they were done.

No victory for them this day, no chance to win the bout.

The Mighty Mueller did not come through, the Mighty Mueller just struck out.