If you’re older than age 50, you will have noticed how children’s cartoons have changed for the worse over the past several decades. I grew up on the likes of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Heckle and Jeckle, Mighty Mouse, and Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Boris and Natasha trained me well for the farce that is the ongoing lunatic Democrat-run “impeach Trump for any reason that will stick campaign.

Our kids are being indoctrinated by leftist cultural institutions in the US, and it starts at a young age through cartoons, of all things.

But somehow, over the years, the old nonpolitical staples were replaced by environ-wacko nonsense and a host of politically-correct cartoons aimed at instilling leftist blather in our kids. Remember utter nonsense Ted Turner’s Captain Planet and the Planeteers? A lot of kids bought into that, and some of them are now leftist teachers in the public schools passing on that climate alarmist crap to our kids.

Cartoons (and toys) are where all the social engineers start. Sadly, here in America, the unwitting (as they have for at least the last five decades) allow the leftist bastards controlling the content the latitude to brainwash our kids – mostly, I suspect, because it’s easy to let that happen.

Did you ever wonder what kids in hardcore Communist countries like, say, North Korea are forced to watch by their government? You will be enthralled by a DPRK children’s animated cartoon series called “Squirrel and Hedgehog.” Walt Disney or Walter Lantz it ain’t! It is filled with guns, firing squads, gratuitous violent action, and cussing (if you trust the subtitles’ English translation). An excellent (and funny) review of “Squirrel and Hedgehog” is at the top of this post.

Here is Episode 30 from YouTube with English subtitles; there are at least 33 episodes that were produced.

Here’s a quickie transcription: Good day young comrades! Follow the adventures of the Flower Hill gang as they fight against the imperialistic pigs. Subtitled into English by the Mastermind of the Revolution and Great Defender of our nation.

“Flower Hill” is the North Korean homeland that all the bad animals are always trying to invade, and also to foil Flower Hill’s plans for Reunification! The Squirrel. The Hedgehog, the Ducks and their friends are North Korean secret agents often behind enemy lines. The Weasels are the Japanese, the Mice are South Koreans, the Wolves are Americans, the Bears are Russians (who are always drunk and never show up on time to help defend Flower Hill like they are supposed to by treaty), and another set of animals are the Chinese (who nevertheless also plan to invade Flower Hill, either in coalition with the Weasels, or by themselves!).

Yes, these cartoons are indeed intended for North Korean kids and are an awesome peek into the North Korean communist national psychosis! This provides a little insight into how the regime indoctrinates and keeps control over an essentially starving population.

In episode 1 entitled “Brave Soldiers” (dubbed into English by an Italian studio), the ideal-utopia Flower Hill squirrels and Hedgehogs fight off a sneak invasion by the Weasels and the Pigs, who destroy the harvests (starts getting interesting at about 14 minutes).

How would you like your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews forced to watch such propaganda as these ‘toons? This is what happens when Communist governments have free reign to propagandize their citizens.

Given what we have observed about the insanity of US leftists during the Age of Trump, i.e., the doxxing, death threats and Hillary Clinton’s overt lack of civility in every public appearance claiming SHE WAZ ROBBED in 2016, it is not too difficult to imagine what might be in store for our kids over time if/when the leftist Democrats regain power (Heaven forbid!).

Let’s face it: they HATE us, folks, and wish evil on us and our families. They’ve already used cultural institutions (e.g., the media, public education system and Hollywood) to indoctrinate and influence several generations of young Americans. Some of them fervently wish that they had the kind of cultural control on Americans that the likes of the North Korean Communists have over their population. Leftists of the American variety dream of the experiments they could run, and the marginalization of political thought that differs from their own. That’s one reason they LOVE government!

Do we want the future predicted in Orwell’s “1984” or Huxley’s “Brave New World” to be visited upon us with the help of insane leftwing cartoons indoctrinating our kids on the “blessings” of socialism?

Friends, the road to that perdition is paved by voting Democrat in November 2020. Over my dead body!

The end.