I’ve been doing some thinking about all these people illegally entering the United States. I have to say, I admire them. I mean, to be a relatively poor and uneducated person living in a country with little opportunity for upward mobility for yourself, it does take a certain amount of moxie to walk a thousand miles or more, illegally enter a country where you don’t have a home, friends, a job, or speak the language, in order to seek a better future. Really, who doesn’t want a better life? I can’t imagine the courage it takes a mother of one or more small children to uproot their family and head out on a journey by foot, no less, often carrying those children, having no regular food access, no regular toilet access, no laundry; nothing but a determination to enter the United States of America illegally. Yep, that takes some guts, and you’ve got to give them props for that.

I mean, we have opened the door and rolled out the welcome mats. It’s a sure thing for any and all of them. The world stage sees the inept Congress and Senate locked in a stalemate amongst themselves for years.

The do-nothing legislators have done exactly what they do best, which is nothing, to remedy the illegal immigration problems that are out of control like a fast-approaching tidal wave.

Our own states defy the federal government and the agencies that are there for the protection of Americans, like ICE and the US Border Patrol and law enforcement. Stupidity reigns in sanctuary states and cities who have encouraged more and more illegals to come to our country. The United States spends 100 billion dollars per year on illegals by giving them entitlements like education, medical care, medicines, pre and post-natal care, free breakfast and lunches, some food stamps, some shelter, legal aid, and some even get monetary stipends.

We spend far more on our prisons, our out of control homeless problems, our disease prevention and treatments and our court systems. We give them drivers licenses, some get voting cards, we hire them to work in homes and gardens and hotels and restaurants and farms and factories.

They know that it doesn’t matter if they get caught and arrested because they also know that we have nowhere to hold them so they will be released after spending a couple weeks with 3 hots and a cot, TV, video games, activities, bathrooms and showers, and supplies for their children. Not bad!

They know they can then disappear into the fabric of America and they are home free.

Why wouldn’t they come? They’d be foolish to miss the opportunity! While our congress and senate are so embroiled in their political gamesmanship, and each side blocks the other instead of anyone working for the United States of America citizens who actually pay their salary, Rome is burning and they just don’t care.

It’s not the fault of the Mexicans, the Hondurans, the Nicaraguans, the people from 30 more countries, and even the terrorists and criminals joining the caravans and letting themselves in the unlocked front door. It is squarely the fault of those hypocrites in your cities, your states and our Congress and Senate who have failed the actual citizens of this country. They have failed to do anything to fix this problem. They have handcuffed the agencies whose job it is to stop people from entering, to find people who overstay visas, and to apprehend and deport criminal illegals.

Politicians who we elected and pay have encouraged illegals to show up in record numbers by giving them education, medical treatment, jobs, places on school boards, freedom to remain here illegally by disallowing police to identify them or ICE to pick them up. Then those politicians have given your money to support and educate and medicate and placate and habitate those who broke into our house and who we are forced to keep.

So if you really think about it, those moms walking a thousand miles have a pretty good idea that they are home free, so to speak, but it still takes that grit, that spunk, that fortitude and that courage to take that first step and see it through to the Promised Land.

Wouldn’t it be great for Americans if our politicians had a thimbles’ worth of those same qualities, to stop their bickering and their Trump derangement syndrome and their desire for power for themselves above all else, and actually got off their candy rear ends and effected a solution to benefit we the people instead of themselves.

To stop the tsunami of illegals entering and remaining in this country at a cost to the citizens that is exorbitant in so many ways is not hard to do. It takes conversation, consideration, communication, compromise, care and commitment and courage.  The brave ones are the ones who come, and they come because the cowards who are our politicians have no will and no spine to fix the problem that they alone have foisted on all of us.