Can't Spell Alcohilic Without Al

Alcoholism. Every person has a vivid memory of their first encounter with an alcoholic or, at the least, someone very intoxicated. This could be anywhere from the streets of your town to the very living room you spend Thanksgiving with your family and the drunk uncle. This could be a very entertaining, fun and even funny encounter. It could also bring on complete depression, tragedy and misery.

Tracy opens the show up with his vacation and brings you the very special, beach vacation episode. Tracy and Al are humble by the cameo of Madame Chef and the trio discuss alcoholism and their recollection of drunk family members. The irony continues further as Al does something he had never done before, DRINK. Tracy does not spare Al when he mixes a very stiff screwdriver for him. As the show progresses, so does Al’s blood alcohol content and you can certainly hear it.

Richard Tracy, host of the new podcast Criminal Masterminds, is a new breed of talk radio and podcasting. Think of Tracy as a Super Hero, only this one does not come with a fancy cape or gadgets. He does not combat villains nor does he jump out of burning and crashing airplanes with out a parachute. What Tracy does and will combat is the anti police rhetoric which has been plaguing the nation along with the political correctness which has prevent people from having the true "honest and open dialogue" on the current issues regarding policing in the Great U.S. of A. He also may make you chuckle like a school kid in the process.