The Democrats are in decline. It will not be quick, they will not go easily into the still night and will, like the phony Trump impeachment trial has shown us, in their demented belief that the holy grail of social happiness lies in Collectivism, be willing to take us all down with ’em. When I wrote my recent essay, Times are a Changing, I was reflecting on the world wide political changes we see. 

Apart from the Democrats impeachment disaster in public relations, Elizabeth Warren is another case in point. She’s a fraud through and through. Once, a blond Indian squaw with high cheek bones who lied about her ancestry to get a Harvard education and a job there, like Obama lied about his international student status to get admission to a California college, she believes totally in Socialism and demands we all do as well. Joe Biden is another good example of sludge rising to the top and well, the list goes on.  

What’s alarming is that these people who don’t believe in America, have risen in prominence to positions of political notoriety that makes them believe they could be president of the US. We see it! We know it but we are shouted down so our contrary views don’t infect others with the truth. That’s a problem many of our elected Republicans suffer from, an inability to fight back. Because these people are media created celebrities⏤their views are given more of a more righteous prominence, if we are to believe the mainstream media. The media is losing control of their message and we should not stop them.

The Democrats have changed our vocabulary over the years so it seems we almost don’t know what we’re talking about when we object to their nonsense.

In the secular society where Democrats want to take us, there is no longer any room for true morality. Religion therefore, must be excised from the marketplace as a danger, as must the family unit, the work place, sports, schools and use of restrooms. Political Correctness has supplanted the rule of law. Do we realize just how close these people are to being successful? 

Several important issues are roiling around the political scene today, including another brilliant outtake from Elizabeth Warren, the spending of tax payer dollars on private schools. A case now before the US Supreme Court tests the issue. Warren is attacking Christian Schools in Montana for enjoying government tax credits while harboring anti-LGBTQ policies. Here, is where the rubber meets the road. Warren tweeted: “States should focus on funding public schools, not private ones, especially ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies. We must ensure every kid, especially LGBTQ+ kids, can get a high-quality public education,”  Now why is that? Why can’t they get a high-quality education? What makes these children so precious that they are entitled to a higher quality public education than what normal children should enjoy? Are they saying they can’t be educated in the closet?

We’re talking government provided Tax Breaks and who should get ’em! We could as easily apply that question to tax breaks for the Military-Industrial Complex, mostly private companies making deadly arms. What’s the difference in theory? One will argue that the government needs to consider our national defense. As to education, one may also argue, that if our schools can’t turn out educated children who can read, write and do their sums, than National Defense problems don’t matter anyway.  

Actually, years of statistics have shown that graduates from private schools far exceed the capabilities of children who have matriculated through public schools. Of course, that’s not all inclusive. Bright children will excel no matter what educational environment they are in so, the spending of public tax dollars on education shouldn’t matter which institutions gets ’em! Or, spending no public tax money at all on any schools, public or private, just to be fair. 

To Progressives, most private schools are Christian schools like Elizabeth Warren rails against. Therefore children should not be infected with the moral teachings of Judeo-Christian philosophy by public tax credits to schools that will not admit that sexual perversion is okay, bathrooms should be open to all genders and transgenderism should be first and foremost the top scholastic agenda item. It sounds far fetched, but believe me, that’s exactly where we’re headed. 

At the center of this controversy is Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a case before the US Supreme Court to be heard later this month. The question involves tax credits to individuals and corporations that donated to private schools and scholarship groups.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers, believes this case could alter our understanding of “separation of church and state.” Really? Well, the 1st amendment makes no mention of “Separation of Church and State,” as official policy. It only tells us the State cannot establish a State religion and that the State is forbidden from interfering with anybody else’s religion. It’s a no, no! Simple as that. The Progressives have pounded this misnomer into us for decades to the point that we now see a possible change reverting back to what the Constitution actually tells us, as a danger. Don’t fall for that. We need to revert back.

I’m not against LGBTQ children, or any children. Their parents can get in line like everybody else, make their choices like everybody else and if they don’t want their children to be identified or harassed as little perverts, then teach them to keep their perversion in the closet or go to public schools that don’t care.

Those in favor of public funding for private schools argue that school choice and voucher programs give lower income students the same opportunities as students from more well-to-do families. After several years of this program, we actually see little or no changes. Inner-city schools are still that, institutions of low expectations, crucibles where the uninspired are comforted by joining gangs, and where life is seen as brutal and short and personal survival depends on how much a child can steal from others. 

We all know what the problem is. America is not united in moving forward unless it’s on Progressive terms. Marxism is the end goal for Progressives. That’s where the struggle lies.

Our so called Conservative politicians, until Trump, have feared to make a stand for America and against Marxism. That barrier is slowly collapsing as well, as some Republicans are turning Trump’s way. But, to the Democrat-Progressives, until everyone comes together to support collectivism, multiculturalism, perversion and reliance on government, the pending conflicts will never go away.

Let’s hope their decline is swift and complete. Let’s become Americans again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!