Does everything in this country have to have a double standard? When Obama was president, there were so many times that he made no comment when Police Officers were killed, or when Black Lives Matter caused fights and trouble in the streets, or when a soldier was killed, or when a white person was murdered by a black person, while always commenting when a black person was killed by a white or police. I really thought that was inappropriate and served no one well in race or just human relations in our country. No one really seemed to mind his silence, or the selective times he spoke out. Talk about duplicity!

In the last few days, President Trump has spoken several times against the violence in Virginia, and all, not some, of its perpetrators. I am stunned at the response of the media and the politicians. The events that happened went wrong for a variety of reasons, none of them having to do with President Trump. Whatever he says is never good enough, strong enough, too strong, and on and on. It doesn’t matter what it is, he can never win with these people.

I am so very embarrassed by our media and our politicians. So called leaders like Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and most of all Maxine Waters, have turned this horrible event into being about Donald Trump calling him a bigot and saying that he is embarrassing our country. What a huge disservice to all of us and an insult to people that were injured and killed in Charlottesville. All these people are doing is using an event that President Trump had nothing to do with to create another platform to express their hatred of him. What kind of “leaders” are so small, that they have to whine because President Trump did not use the exact words they thought he should. I just don’t believe it mattered what he said or didn’t say, we’d have the same moronic result in the media.

Then we have the business people who have pulled out of the American Manufacturing Business Advisory Council. They have differing reasons; some did not like that Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, some did not like the words Trump spoke on Charlottesville, or his immigration stand. A major complaint has been that everything in Washington is politicized, and it is! We as a nation and a people cannot seem to get away from this, and the politicians and the media are absolutely standing in the way of our country moving ahead to accomplish the agenda we elected President Trump to do on our behalf. These business leaders who dropped out have succumbed to political pressures rather than use their talents and knowledge to fight for America and Americans, to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country. The excuses they use provide them with an easy out. The council is not about Trump, it is about the American economy and American jobs and all of our futures. I cannot be more disappointed in the holier than thou reasoning the executives gave to walk away from a chance to give America a fighting chance to bring our jobs back home, and our people employment and security.

None of these people in politics, who we pay, or in the media, whose information we are consumers of, nor these business “leaders”, are serving the people who hire and pay them because they want to be “politically correct”. NOTHING IS GETTING DONE THIS WAY! President Trump was elected to not be politically correct. America is sick of the backbiting and the logjams. I wish I knew what it would take to stop making Trump the villain in everything he says and does, and get to work to do the jobs that each politician, media person, and executive is paid to do, without all the dishonest, and whiney rhetoric. We are owed that much. The American people decided, now it is time to do the job that America has mandated to fix our health care and our economy and taxes. How do these people look in the mirror and think what they are doing with their constant criticism is OK? I for one am sick and tired of it and wish they would all grow up.

It doesn’t matter what it is, he can never win with these people!

He Can Never Win With These People...