Mary Well Bray says you CAN eat chocolate and lose weight too, and she explains how in today’s show. Mary Well Bray is a weight loss expert and author of the bestselling book, the Swiss Chocolate Diet, and she lost 57 lbs. in a 180 days while eating a healthy diet AND chocolate. She’s on a quest to help others do the same by using a visualization technique and deciding what you really want.

Mary explains that much of the difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off so many people struggle with is due to stress and the negative thoughts and mind set so many people have about dieting and the false beliefs they have about themselves. She has made it her mission to help others lose weight and keep it off while having fun and enjoying life at the same time.

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You can check out her program at and be sure to listen to this week’s show and hear her explain how simple losing weight can really be.

Book: Swiss Chocolate Diet

Medical disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only before starting any diet or exercise program please consult your doctor.