Campus Meltdown On Another Conservative, Heather Mac Donald

In another shameful display of censoring the free speech of anyone that has a message they don’t agree with “protesters” shut down the renowned conservative author and scholar from speaking to California university students about her book “The War On Cops” and the truth about Black Lives Matter. Author Heather Mac Donald Uncensored on Blue Lives Radio The Voice of American Law Enforcement.

But you can hear it all right here in her interview with show host Randy Sutton! In his “View From The Blue” Randy blasts the cowardly administrators at UCLA and Claremont McKenna College for giving in to the anarchists who used force and violence to silence the truth. Randy also calls out the Tulsa District Attorney for his political prosecution of Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby. This IS the “Voice of American Law Enforcement”.

Heather Mac Donald
Heather Mac Donald

Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. She is a recipient of the 2005 Bradley Prize. Mac Donald’s work at City Journal has canvassed a range of topics, including higher education, immigration, policing and “racial” profiling, homelessness and homeless advocacy, criminal-justice reform, and race relations. Her writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, and The New Criterion. Mac Donald’s newest book, The War on Cops (2016), warns that raced-based attacks on the criminal-justice system, from the White House on down, are eroding the authority of law and putting lives at risk.

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The Book: The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe


"War on Cops"
“War on Cops”