With great fanfare, former Vice President and the soon-to-be Socialist-Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden announced his selection of California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for the November election. Harris was quick to accept the offer from the same man she accused just months ago of being a racist and a serial sexual assaulter of women.

Certainly nothing new for members of the Socialist-Democrat Party, considering that former President Bill Clinton who has also been credibly accused of rape and multiple sexual assaults has been given a prime time slot to speak during the upcoming Socialist-Democrat Convention. For the Socialist-Democrats, political power has always mattered far more than a person’s character.

Apparently those same standards guided Joe Biden in his deliberations regarding his selection of a running mate. After all, there’s an awful lot of women who have achieved great success through a combination of their talents, the hard work they put forth, and through their perseverance against many other obstacles placed in their way. Many women have had to fight against systemic, even institutional sexual harassment and often unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances. Many women have even been victims of rape and sexual assaults in the workplace.

Then there are others who used sex to open doors for themselves, and as an easier road towards achieving their career ambitions, than putting forth the hard work and perseverance that most women have had to.

Certainly Ms. Harris has achieved a level of success, serving as Attorney General for the State of California and now Senator. She deserves credit for her previous election victories. Not that winning elective office is that much to brag about anymore.

But she certainly deserves condemnation for what she has done once she was placed in a position of power. As Attorney General she led a department which prosecuted people for marijuana-related offenses, while herself admitting to previously breaking the same laws she was later vigorously prosecuting. Hypocrisy, is also a standard practice for Socialist-Democrats.

Her treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings was outrageous. She was no more interested in finding out the truth about Brett Kavanaugh than she will be in attending President Trump’s next inauguration. She was simply in attack mode, doing everything within her power to impugn the reputation of a good and decent man. Just as was done years earlier to the then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

For Harris, lies, false allegations, and character assassination are just her tools of the trade. In fact, those tools can be found in nearly every Socialist-Democrat’s bag of tricks. There’s no interest on the part of the Socialist-Democrat Party in a search for the truth on anything, only the hunt for raw political power at all costs.

Considering all of the reasons NOT to have selected Kamala Harris as a running mate, then why did Joe Biden choose her? The short answer is that he didn’t pick Harris, she was selected for him.

Harris was the first choice of Barack Obama, and considering Joe Biden’s rapidly deteriorating mental state he likely wasn’t even aware of what was going on around him. Barack Obama issued his decree and Sleepy Joe fell into line without voicing any objections.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden doesn’t really look forward to the arduous and long days he will have to put in as president. Achieving the presidency has been a lifelong dream of his. After all, he’s tried to get there three times before. But the reality is that the title is all he wants, the icing on the cake of his fifty years in politics. Since he’s achieved nothing else over his half century in Washington at least he could finally say he was president, if only temporarily.

I suspect that after a year Barack Obama will tell Joe that it’s time for him to retire, time to turn the office over to someone younger and more energetic and thoughtful. And Sleepy Joe will dutifully comply with his instructions. Thus leaving Harris three years to build towards getting elected president in her own right in 2024.

Sadly for Joe Biden after only serving a year as president where he was only a figurehead, with Kamala Harris and Barack Obama actually being the ones running the presidency, Joe might have a hard time filling up a presidential library. Maybe Obama will give him a small corner inside his own planned palatial library.

And Socialist Kamala Harris – name pronunciation aside – will be the real ‘chief executive’ in a Biden Administration. With Barack Obama pulling her strings from behind the scenes.