California is a state of immense beauty, incredible natural resources and home to several key US markets. Yet, the Politics have become very, very ugly. Recently designated as a Sanctuary State, cities have been settled by illegals who are crossing the southern border, many are issued driver licenses, so that they can vote. Homelessness and drug use plague San Francisco and Los Angeles both and have created eyesores for all to behold. It’s changed from California Dreaming to California Steamin’ as residents demand more!

Four Political families reminiscent of the “mafia” have been running the State for the better part of eighty years. In this program Ray interviews a grassroots activist: Deplorable Dave and Tamika Hamilton, who is running for Congress, in the 3rd Congressional District In Northern California.

There are many questions we need answers on. Is California the new model for socialism? Why are so many congressional member hostile to the Trump “Make America Great Again” agenda? Will the popular vote spell disaster for the rest of the country? Join this complex discussion of the Golden State and how it’s being tarnished.  Image: Visit California

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