It is a scary thought that only about 20 people control the destiny of America鈥檚 327 Million. For POTUS Trump, that鈥檚 about a 19-1 ratio. The Cabal has conspired to unleash a bloodless coup d’茅路tat against our President and deny all of us who voted for change an opportunity for a new direction. DrRon and Linda discuss who the 20 destiny obstructers are and why they continue to turn the U.S. into an oppressed nation.

Are you in 鈥淪ocial Media Jail?鈥 Well, so is DrRon and the coffee couple discuss this increasing oppression of conservative thought on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Finally, the subject of urinals comes up. Urinals?! Yup and you鈥檒l just have to listen in to find out why on this interesting and humorous episode of 鈥淭alking While Married.鈥

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