Imagine putting trust in a childless couple who appear to love children and want to be active role models in their lives. In fact, you let your child go on trips with them. First, it is just for a few hours. Then, it’s an all day excursion.

Dr. Marlene Carton

What follows is an invitation to go farther and it’s an overnight stay. And then, the big ask comes: Can we take your child to New York City to experience the musicals and the big city lights? You say “Yes” because you trust them. It’s the last time you see your 15 year old for eight months.

This “caring couple” is part of a human trafficking operation and they just sold your daughter into sex slavery. 

This is what happened to Dr. Marlene Carton when she was just 15 years old, but this woman learned to thrive and she’s turning the world of human trafficking upside down.

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