As we look back on the passing of George H.W. Bush, we realize the last remnant of leadership we’ll ever see from the “greatest generation” is also gone. Jimmy Carter doesn’t count on that point. Bush was a veteran of WW2 and a bonafide combat veteran as well and there are none left to fill the void of leadership that forged men like George H.W. Bush in the crucible of war. The funeral was a decent one. Speeches made by old friends and comrades will be the source of study as their remarks, reflected positively on a good Christian life of a good man who served his country admirably. It’s not untimely to mention the anniversary of Pearl Harbor also is upon us.

The Korean war, Americas first post WW2 military confrontation with the Communist menace, was a political war the authority by which it was to be conducted, sorted out with the firing of Americas great WW2 hero, General Douglas Mcarthur. It came at the hands of a strong president who himself, was an artillery captain in WWI. That war was and still is, a stalemate.

Much of the “baby boomer” generation, influenced by the rising tide of implanted socialism, scorned war and directed their hostile opposition to the veterans of the Vietnam conflict, yet another political war. A whole generation of warriors who answered their governments call, were rejected for their sacrifice by the “boomers” who scorned them. The pain of that rejection is still felt by many Americans and not have many of them become involved in national politics. If we are to believe the social Justice warriors, most Vietnam vets have become homeless derelicts of the streets. Maybe, but I doubt that. John Kerry, made a try, dabbled in both Senatorial and administrative politics, revealed himself as a socialist, got the boot and now bad mouths Trump.  

The 60’s was the era that spawned the cretins we now have in government, the early college protesters whose mantra spread into patterns of global terrorism, students who organized as individual cells that spawned political leftists like the Clintons, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. And now a new group of student leftists who profess they are adherents to Socialism, are demonstrably too stupid to even know what it means. Left unchecked, these Ocasio-Cortez types will, by default, matriculate into positions of power.  

The national celebration of George H. W. Bush’s life just completed was a remarkable happening for a one term president. Bush was afforded a State Funeral. He lay in the Capital rotunda, he was eulogized at the National Cathedral, transported by Air Force One to and from Texas; garnered a US Navy, 21 plane fly over and a train ride to his final resting place drawn by a locomotive painted in the livery of his presidential airplane. I have no complaints. His reputation deserved it and America needs to recognize it’s respected hero’s, not its dipsticks.

But one person was missing from the observance, H. Ross Perot, the wrench in the cogs that limited George H.W. Bush to a single term and ushered in the era of the great sexual predator, pedophile, etc. and darling of the left, Bill Clinton, and his abominable wife. The Clinton’s are probably the most corrupt couple in the history of politics since the day’s of the Borgia’s.

America once again has a true American leader, a cunning and effective businessman who’s interests lie in making America Great Again while the usurpers gather around and howl in dismay that he, Donald Trump. is ruining their hard earned, professional driven government by folks who fancy themselves our betters. George H.W. Bush never did that. Wealthy as he was, he embraced the humanity of everyone he met. That’s why he got the State funeral we saw. That’s why even in death he’s a far better example of real leadership than any Democrat. Image: (Eric Gay | AP)

Remember, liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!