Budget, Bolton & Buzz – George McClellan and Tom Lipscomb discuss President Trump’s signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill and the summation of a week in foreign policy that included a $1B arms sale to the Saudis, the appointment of John Bolton, progress on trade agreements, and what new foreign issues bandwidth is opened up by the stabilizing affairs in other parts of the world. The segment concludes with a discussion of the buzz surrounding Facebook’s data mining by Cambridge Analytica.

Special Guest Host Dennis Santiago is in for Malcolm this week. DENNIS SANTIAGO IS A WEEKLY COLUMNIST AND COMMENTATOR ON AMERICA OUT LOUD. He is an author and commentator on national policy and global stability issues. His areas of expertise include combat aircraft, ordnance, electronic warfare, command and control, campaign design and game theory.

Focus on California – Wolverines behind enemy lines, Native Californians Jennifer Van Laar and Ian Henderson talk about the failure of Congress to deliver a DACA/Wall solution in the Omnibus Spending Bill, the emerging resistance to the resistance by California cities like Los Alamitos siding with the U.S. Constitution against the State of California’s AB 54, the emergence of a new crop of Republican candidates to try to pop the Blue bubble of California politics, the fiscal woes of California, the degrading quality of life in the State, and why they stay and fight for their beliefs what the rest of the country believes is a lost cause. The discussion treats the listener to the local idioms Californians use to describe things within the Golden State.

Deep State Dumpster Diving – Ava Armstrong and Kelly Carlson are the panelists on this week’s roundtable discussing the emerging phenomenon of corporate gun control taking place regardless of US laws, the Deep State “Never Trump” coalition consisting of both the left and the right, the President’s Freedom Caucus loyalists, the retiring of Republicans from Congress, and the new former intelligence services candidates seeking to fill the vacuum in the Democratic party left by the aftermath of the 2016 Clinton campaign. The segment ends with a quickie on the guests impressions of Stormy Daniels.


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