Bruised But Not Broken, 7 Lessons Learned and Shared To Live A Life of Hope

Dr. Sitembile Mahlatini (Dr. Stem) knows what it means to suffer emotional scars, heartbreak and fears that comes from living in an abusive situation. Her life experiences has helped her to develop a philosophy of life that is passionate and full of hope. Her opening statement says everything – Know that life is God’s gift to YOU. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Dr. Stem is gifted and passionate about helping other people embrace this GIFT called Life in it’s wholeness. Embracing the gift of being unique and the gift of possessing an inner strength that can sustain the worst of the worst. Dr. Stem helps other people excel HOPE which is what her last name “Sitembile” means. She says that her true callings love, love doing in all modes one on one, conference, workshop, radio or television. Dr. Stem brings good energy, encouragement and a calming spirit to all she meets or serves. She believes we all have this little light that we are born with, that we are for which we are responsible. In order for that light to shine we have to be willing to let it shine in every situation and place in our life.

Dr. Stem’s share her valuable advice on how to persevere during difficult times using 7 lessons she learned in her life and that she wrote about in her memoir “Beyond The Tears Bruised But Not Broken”.

A true Renaissance woman with international style, Dr. Stem (Sithembile) Mahlatini, a Native of Zimbabwe, is a Dynamic Motivational-Inspirational Speaker, Licensed Psychotherapist, Television and Radio Personality, Life, Business & Career Coach whose passion is HOPE-Helping Other People Excel. She is one of the Prestigious John Maxwell Team Leadership Trainers, Certified Passion Test Facilitator (By Janet & Chris Attwood), and Certified Speaker/Trainer with Dr. Susan Jeffers “Feel the Fear and Do it anyway”. Her Passion is to inspire, motivate and empower teenagers, teachers and parents to bridge this communication gap. DrStem is in the business of Uplifting The Human Spirit, the De-Stress Queen. Her undeniable enthusiasm, inspiration and encouragement will serve as a pedestal for any great event. She will make a positive difference in the success of your convention, conference, seminar or meeting. She strives to help others Dream Big, Do More and Become More. She believes “You will possess everything you confess.” She Encourages Everyone to: “ASK and it shall be given to you; SEEK and ye shall find; KNOCK and it shall be opened unto you.”

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