I am excited to have as our guest, Sarah Cortez, a 24 year veteran law enforcement officer, editor, poet, speaker and author of undressing a cop and a series of books to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and community.

In this candid interview we hear about her story from corporate world to law enforcement, her take on how law enforcement and how community residents can get along and connect in a mutual manner. Deputy Cortez’s books can be found on her websites and her social media sites. Her soft spoken, humorous demeanor makes this an entertaining and educational show you will enjoy listening to.

The book How to Undress a Cop is a collection of poems. Poems by Sarah Cortez are tough-minded, verbally supple, and often deeply erotic. And each of these fifty lyric poems displays her many facets: the street smarts of a law enforcement officer, the bilingual vocabulary of a proud Mexican American; the linguistic dexterity of an erstwhile Latin teacher; and the frank sensuality of a strong and spirited woman.