As part of the Ask the Author series for the book, Time to Rise, we explore how the Law of Attraction and good ol’ perseverance can lead to major breakthroughs in life and love.

Dr. Andrea, the Creator and Publisher of Time to Rise, brings us two intimate conversations with co-authors of the book. First, Leslie van Oostenbrugge, the Awakening Dentist, shares how she went from a financial crisis to an incredible breakthrough by tapping into the Law of Attraction. By changing her habits around money and her self image she found true abundance and self-love.

And Marijana Popovic explains how a variety of twists and turns along her journey to conceive her baby girl led her to realize that life is truly a journey. She proves that determination and thinking creatively can help women re-think the idea of motherhood to include full time parenting alongside a affiliate marketing business. Her story proves that not accepting ‘no’ to having your dream life can lead you to success.

Dr. Andrea says, “I am truly proud to know these authors as they have inspired me, too. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share their truth has given me an even greater motivation to spread their messages of healing, hope and happiness around the world. Because our world needs these true stories to remind us of our collective and individual strength.”

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Leslie van Oostenbrugge – The Awakening Dentist: is a passionate holistic dentist. She graduated dental school and the School for Physical Therapy with honors. Her upcoming book Drilling Into My Emotions will change numerous lives by curing many dental problems. She is a joyful, and empowering woman. Leslie has a holistic dental office in Vianen, the Netherlands. She teaches the principles of how the universe always has your back, and quite often, your front too! She is known as “the awakening dentist” and her lectures have changed many people’s lives—physically, spiritually, and financially. Leslie combines dentistry and spirituality in a new and authentic way. She cannot emphasize enough how important oral health is to our overall health. “Teeth never lie” is her favorite empowering statement! Visit her online at and

Marijana Popovic

My name is Marijana Popovic, I was born in Serbia July 27th, 1983. I lived in Tobolac until 2008 when I moved to London. Now, I am a full time mum to Tara, and also an entrepreneur. I have a passion for helping people change direction and live the life they deserve (just like I did), I provide coaching, workshops, and training to help you achieve your financial goals. Please visit my website and feel free to contact me if you think there is anything I can help you with. Website:

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