Freedom to live, work and love is yours to claim. What will move you to break free from mental slavery? How often do you go through your days and weeks feeling uninspired by your work? Have you ever felt the intense anxiety that comes with knowing your going against your values by staying in the wrong job?

Roméo Cournal shares his personal story of finding his way to an authentic life in Time to Rise. In this interview he goes deeper into the ‘why’ behind his enduring a dead end job. Roméo had already experienced the joy of working for himself, in total alignment with his temperament and interests, but with the pressures of the entrepreneurial life and family obligations he chose to return to the public sector for security. Sadly that security led him to have severe anxiety and even panic attacks that landed him in the emergency department of the hospital — several times. It took facing death for him to choose himself and to, in the worlds of Bob Marley, emancipate himself from the shackles of mental slavery. Dr. Andrea and Roméo discuss how we all can make the choice for freedom without facing death first!

Roméo Cournal is an Intuitive Life Coach. He shares his expertise about toxic relationships and gifted people for francophones. It is said that he has never been wrong in his job. He invites and accompanies all those who want to find their own path to self. His motto is: “I love myself, I approve myself, I prefer myself, and I congratulate myself.”

Dr. Andrea says, “I am truly proud to know these authors as they have inspired me, too. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share their truth has given me an even greater motivation to spread their messages of healing, hope and happiness around the world. Because our world needs these true stories to remind us of our collective and individual strength.” Get a copy of the book plus free gifts with purchase by visiting and be in spired for your life journey!

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