One may wonder just how many Americans truly are actually concerned over the fate of our nation, in the millions I suppose. However, an enormous amount of time is spent each waking hour on “Soap Operas” or one may call it, the “Enquirer” out of Washington. 

Once in a while a “free nation killer”, as I call it, comes along that requires one to actually take more action and step out into the light and make a stand, other than to safely regurgitate the “soaps” on social media. But when such disturbing issues are discovered the crickets from Conservatives can be deafening, in short a host of “scardy cats” all across the fruited plain. But when it comes to the Left they are as brave as the day is long.

A case in point concerning one of those free nation killers – Last year I discovered that the Census was ramping up once again for the next 10 year cycle which is 2020, just as it did back in 2010 where counting illegal aliens were never excluded and counted along with American Citizens. Once again we will face adding even more Congressional House seats and Presidential Electoral votes in 4 principal states, California, Texas, Florida and New York which are massively populated with illegal aliens.

After starting a White House petition last year and “beating the bushes” all over Twitter for 30 days, which is the maximum amount of time one has in order to get the required 100,000 signatures for an answer, the petition failed miserably. One would have thought countless thousands would have signed the petition to help preserve our republic through fair and equitable representation; nothing could have been more embarrassing from this lack luster result. A dismal 239 signatures were obtained. 

In the past I have read comments from Trump supporters on social media, where I have brought up issues that I believe we should actively do more than just being aware of it, I commonly read from them such things as “Trump will fix it” or it’s “The Art of The Deal”. These individuals may as well have said, “I agree, but I’m too scared someone will come after me”. If there is one thing for certain, the Left will never ever give up and never have for over 100 years and they aren’t afraid.

And here is another example of where Conservatives failed to take a stand above the comforts of their social media platforms – Only 103 signatures for this growing threat against freedom.

When it comes to the Left they are always out in force, in your face, highly organized, crowding hallways and offices of politicians, laying down in capitol domes and capitol steps while also running to Leftist courts. No fear from them just a never ending show of force and resolve for what they truly believe in and clamor for. Throw in the lies and missing information in public school textbooks, K-12 and the Left has been well indoctrinated and ready for their work while kicking Conservative butt all over the country for decades.

The last time Conservatives kicked butt “bigly” was during 2010 when the Tea Party handed over the largest turn-over in the House of Representatives to Republican control, not seen for 70 years! Of course not long after the historic congressional turnover in the House of Representatives, the IRS which is part of the Deep State, was on the Tea Party organizational trail to deny non-profit status to multiple Conservative organizations, while ordering them to turn-over members’ names.

As it stands today more Conservatives must get actively involved or the Left will win it all. So we Conservatives must ask ourselves a question because we are at the crossroads of either preserving what is left of our nation or consigning ourselves to an eventual solid tyranny. 

And by-the-way this is not “Trump’s America”, it’s your America as the sovereign people over all government, so give Trump a hand and work harder to save it instead of applying lip service inside social media or we lose in the end, just a matter of time.