The publicly transparent tete´ d’ tete´ between Trump, Schumer and Pelosi in the Oval Office, recently, was instructive as it revealed the Democrats usual approach to bipartisanship, specifically how to fund the Border Wall so important to America’s security, as a non starter for the Democrats. Once they wanted a wall, but not now with Trump doing it.

Pelosi and Schumer are content to allow in the great unwashed hordes of illiterate peasants, to spread out into rural America where they will multiply, spread disease and commit crimes whilst draining the coffers of local communities from whom they were ensured their sustenance and survival by some Obama appointed Progressive federal judge.

Border Security, for Schumer and Pelosi, simply means immigrants, legal and illegal, are entitled to paid mentoring by government social workers and Immigration attorneys; to be provided with driver’s licenses, voter ID and EBT cards, housing vouchers and access to the nearest community emergency room armed with their government medicaid cards.

Democrat motives are clear. They are actually losing their once reliable base, the plantation negro’s, who they’ve expected to keep them in office and, the second and third generations of latinos’s, many of whom have been here awhile, prospered economically, merged into American mainstream culture, saw the dangers and now vote conservatively. Hence, the Democrats desperate need to import more useful voters.

The Democrats will have the House for the next two years but not the Senate or the Presidency. There will be a lot of clashing of swords, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by Pelosi and Schumer before Trump finally gets the wall built. Trump’s problem is not the feckless Pelosi House Democrats, but the anti-Trump RiNO Republicans. The fear, a very real one, is that Republicans, not of the Freedom Caucus mentality, will roll over and allow themselves to be swallowed up in the now shallow swamp waters of Progressive totalitarianism just like what was happening before Trump came.

Democrats need open borders but, ask them if they have locks on their doors and if so, why? They’ll can’t give a meaningful answer that makes sense. Trump told us that Mexico will pay for the wall. Eventually they will, I’m convinced. Schumer doesn’t think so. He said, in that infamous transparent meeting: “Well, Mr. President, if you say Mexico is going to pay for the wall through NAFTA, which it certainly won’t, I guess we don’t have to. Let’s fund the government.” When he got to the microphones, he added: “If the president really believes what he tweeted this morning that his new NAFTA would pay for the wall, he wouldn’t be threatening to shut down the government unless American taxpayers pay for the wall. He can’t have it both ways.”

House Speaker elect Nancy Pelosi, responded: “the American people are still paying the price if benefits from the trade deal go to the wall.” Now, I’ve gotten used to Nancy Pelosi in front of microphones and the post Trump meeting diatribe was an exercise in wishful thinking. These people, Democrats, have never met a person like Trump before. They don’t believe he has the right to be a political leader but, they don’t know how to handle him. Trump throws their “Progressivism” back in their faces and they’re left stunned and babbling. He refuses to play by their rules because it’s his game, not theirs.

Americans want border security. Trump knows that and they will get it, Obama’s judges not withstanding. Image: (Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Remember Liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!