This is Your Body Talking: Slow Down 1

Do you have a fear of needles? Are you aware that your poor lifestyle habits put you at risk for having to poke and prod yourself with insulin? For many Americans we are too busy achieving, going and doing that we don’t recognize the impact that our poor habits have on our health. Type II Diabetes is on the rise and can be avoided by regular exercise, clean eating and stress management.

There are classic signs that are easily ignored and could result in a diabetic coma; even death. Dr. Stem, a speaker on wellness and stress management, shares her intimate story and lack of body awareness that found her in the emergency room. She was surprised to hear the words, “you are diabetic”, afterall she is Dr. Stem a wellness consultant!

November is Diabetes awareness month and this podcast points to some common symptoms that you may be brushing off as “no big deal”. The big deal is that diabetes is referred to as a “silent killer” and is a serious diagnosis. If you have a fear of needles or care about your health, listen to a doctor’s wellness journey and her need to overcome fear of needles.

Dr. Stem
Dr. Stem

Dr. Stem Mahlatini is a teen-parent expert and understands that teens are missing the parental guidance they need and is on a mission to help teenagers understand and believe in their uniqueness. Today’s parents are working long hours or struggling to balance work and life. Her work is designed to allow parents and teachers to understand the struggles teens face. She is a licensed psychotherapist, passionate motivational speaker, personal and professional development consultant, tv show host and the author of over 24 books on topics ranging from teen issues, fear, passion, stress, confidence, self-esteem and emotional wellness for women.

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