During the 1960’s Bob Williams served in the Navy and after leaving the military he tried his hand at his own business. He settled on his present enterprise making sifter parts for flour and other products with the filters to go with it. The business over the years has been a successful enterprise for Bob and 38 years ago he decided it was time to give something back to the military.

Bob Williams Working

Bob gathers and sends care packages to the military all over the globe. He gets up well before dawn and works tirelessly cultivating donations from many business donations from around the country. Now retired from his business, his sons run it now leaving him to care for the troops full time. A love for those who sacrifice much that provides the “Blanket of Freedom” for all Americans to enjoy. With low pay our military sacrifices much but they do it with patriotism in their hearts and dedication towards the mission.

Bob has even spent time abroad meeting with the military, seeing firsthand the needs that are not easily available where they are stationed. From one soldier’s letter: “We are located 17 kilometers west of [Forward Operating Base] Salerno, it takes me 40 minutes to get there one way and requires a combat convoy. We do not have a store (or) a means to buy the items you have sent. Our [Afghan army] friends enjoy the coffee since all they (used to) drink is tea.” One marine told Bob in an email that a beanie baby that was given to an Iraqi girl saved their lives; she notified them that a roadside bomb was in the pathway of their vehicle.

U.S. Troops Overseas

With a warehouse to store all the items he sends, it is not surprising to see pallets stacked to the ceiling with boxes and crates full of items for the military. Approximately 1000-1500 boxes filled with flashlights to coffee go out every month weighing out around 50lbs each. No lack of volunteers to help Bob pack up all those boxes either. Scout troops to bikers come by and lend a hand along with his daily group of dedicated volunteers.

All those boxes and pallets of items sent to the military overseas cost a great deal in postage. Bob has spent a lot of his own money paying for postage over the years and nothing is too good for his “boys and girls”. He does take in money donated by people from across the country for postage as well.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner and it would be a great patriotic gesture from our citizens if enough money for postage can come in just in time. Why not bring a smile to the faces of those brave men and women who are in harm’s way each and every day of the year. Some pocket change from many can go a long way to bringing a spring in the step of those serving so far away.

For Further Insight:
Website: http://supportthetroopsusa.org/

Bob at work!

Phil Davis served in the USAF from 1973-1993 and most of it was working in Command and Control at Strategic Air Command (SAC) and United States Air Forces Europe USAFE, while his two best assignments was working at HQ 8AF Command Center from 1984-1989 at Barksdale AFB, with a one year assignment serving with the 485 Tactical Missile Wing, Ground Launch Cruise Missiles in Belgium during 1986-1987. Phil has been writing on political issues since 1993, including a run with the Examiner prior to 2013. It was just after that when he started his own blog where he has written on various subjects about a myriad of topics related to our country's political environment and the rediscovery of American Patriotism.