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…is the voice of “BLUE LIVES RADIO: The Voice of American Law Enforcement” on the AMERICA OUT LOUD TALK RADIO NETWORK. Blue Lives Radio is the top show on ‘everything law enforcement’. Randy joined Malcolm as one of the very first shows on the network when it launched in April 2016. A 33 year Law Enforcement veteran and nationally known media commentator on Law Enforcement issues. He served ten years in the Princeton New Jersey Police Department and 23 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. He is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in the LVMPD history, having awards for Valor, Community Service, Exemplary Service and multiple Lifesaving awards.

Lt. Randy Sutton is the FOUNDER of The Wounded Blue. The mission is to assist Law Enforcement Officers who are injured physically and psychologically to obtain the treatment and medical/financial benefits they are entitled to when they suffer line of duty injuries and to provide financial assistance as needed on a temporary basis. To advocate for stronger protections under state and federal law and provide emergency funds to injured officers when circumstances dictate the need. To advocate for the positive public perception of law enforcement.

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Randy SuttonTHE AUTHOR – During his police career, Randy penned three popular books about his, and other officer’s experiences.  ‘TRUE BLUE Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them” was his first.  Moved by the tragedy of 9/11, Randy wanted to bring to life stories from officers on the New York Police Department as well as officers from around the nation.  He donated the royalties for a fund set up for the families of the officers killed in the attack.  Two other books followed including the critically acclaimed “A COPS LIFE” and a second edition of “TRUE BLUE, To Protect and Serve”.

THE MISSION – It is Randy’s Mission to share these powerful stories and inspire others to become “Personal Heroes” themselves and to reach out with kindness, compassion and charity.  Randy’s belief and philosophy is simple yet poignant….” TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.


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