She eats a plant based diet, keeps her stress in check, sleeps well and lives in a blue zone which she says is an area of the country that emphasizes living a healthy lifestyle. What do medical cannabis and blue zones have in common? Listen to this week’s show as my guest, Barbara McGee and I tackle this subject and more.

Barbara goes over several things that help you to be healthy and stresses not just the physical but mental and spiritual things that she does (and you can too!), to live a healthy, happy life. She also has started a website and podcast called LA Miracle Cure to further help people heal and get well from illness and live a longer healthier life. You can listen to her show “The LA Miracle Cure” every weekend at 1 pm E and find out what the craze is all about.

Living a healthy life is not easy especially this day and time, but if you had a community of people that also wanted to live healthy and that could help and encourage you to do the same then that would make it much easier to do. That is what these blue zones are all about.

According to Blue Zones, there are 42 communities in 9 states to date that are considered blue zones. They are Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, California, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Florida, and Oregon. The cities and towns in these states are places that make it easier to live longer, healthier and better lives.

They offer several resources to help you revamp your house and community to better serve you and others in living a healthy life. They base their information on research from cultures that have a track record of people who live a long time. Don’t miss this episode as you too may want to find and live in a blue zone yourself one day!

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