The Top Stories | President Trump Says CDC Will Deem Places of Worship ‘Essential’, Trump said some governors have deemed abortion clinics and liquor stores as essential but didn’t put churches and other places of worship in that category. | Red vs Blue State Openings, on Wednesday, Connecticut became the final state to lift restrictions under certain conditions. | Senate confirms Rep. John Ratcliffe as director of national intelligence, Senate voted 49-to-44 to confirm Ratcliffe along party lines, with more votes against his confirmation than any DNI in the history of the office. | FBI Director Wray opens internal review into Gen Flynn case, to be handled by the bureau’s Inspection Division. | China Hacking Coronavirus Research, China is in high pursuit to hack the critical coronavirus research conducted by American universities and laboratories. | China in Hong Kong Power Grab, Beijing is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong. 

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator and host. Jim McCay is a political analyst with a 30 year background in global technology and pharmaceuticals.

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Vaccines & The Politics of Hydroxychloroquine | The New York Times reported last week – Get Ready for a Vaccine Information War – This war could pit public health officials and politicians against an anti-vaccination movement that floods social media with misinformation, conspiracy theories and propaganda aimed at convincing people that the vaccine is a menace rather than a lifesaving, economy-rescuing miracle. 

So, we have to ask the question, are vaccines being rushed hastily to market? Are vaccines the safest pathway to health? What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it? – was the question the report asked. We’ll explore that option and answer that question on the program. 

A study, published in the Lancet medical journal, says it showed no benefit for coronavirus patients taking the drugs. The study looked at more than 96,000 people hospitalized with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, those treated with hydroxychloroquine or the related chloroquine had higher risk of death and heart rhythm problems than patients who were not given the medicines.

Is this a misinformation campaign with political bias? See for yourself, by listening to the program, and reading the stats in an Op-ed by Dr. Vliet.

FDA Bureaucrat Brags On Blocking Physicians Prescribing HCQ in Early COVID-19

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is an independent physician specializing in Preventive and Climacteric Medicine. Dr. Jane Orient is director of the association of American physicians and surgeons, President of Doctors for disaster preparedness, and a general internal medicine specialist.

Joe Biden & Black America | Democrat Nominee Joe Biden has come under fire for comments he made during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio program, in which he said that if African American voters support President Trump over him in November, they aren’t “black.” The backlash was swift and loud:

Kay C. James, My DNA, life experience, heritage and culture are what define my Blackness. With all due respect, @JoeBiden, you don’t get to define who I am.” Diddy, Aye bruh @JoeBiden I already told you the #BlackVoteAintFree.” Lawrence B. Jones III Dude helps write the 1994 Crime Bill & then tries to tell us what’s black?! KISS MY ASS.” Charlie Kirk, Democrats have never—not ONCE been the party of Black people. Republicans freed the slaves, passed Civil Rights, and constantly fight to get government out of the way of ALL Americans. Democrats only fight to keep the black community dependent on them in exchange for votes, Sick.”

Ron Edwards, columnist, and talk show host on the network in a 90 sec feature called The Edwards Notebook. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and an author who writes about America’s heroes.

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