Blue Lives Radio Special, Randy's Rant

“SPECIAL EDITION OF BLUE LIVES RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT…RANDY’S RANT” In this special edition of Blue Lives Radio, show host Randy Sutton unloads on a number of high profile law enforcement stories. The Minneapolis Police shooting of an unarmed, pajama clad woman has stunned the country. Is there an underlying political issue here that could bring down the liberal city Government? The Massacre of 5 Dallas area Police Officers just a year ago during a Black Lives Matter march was one of the worst attacks on American Law Enforcement in decades. Randy exposes how politics played a role in the death of at least one of those officers because Police Leadership ordered officers NOT to wear protective equipment. Why? Because of the “softer policing” approach passed down from the Obama years. And Much Much More.

With Randy in the Interview Room is Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey, founder of MOMS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS to talk about her organization. Eyvaine is Founder and President of Moms of LEO. She is a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Auxiliary Member DC Lodge #1, a dedicated and proud volunteer for the officers from around the world that converge in Washington, DC to participate in several planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and seminars sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Her husband Ronald Lindsey a retired Federal Officer with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Chaplain, and a long-time FOP Member DC Lodge #1 as well as a volunteer to drive officers to and from the Memorial event areas. He serves as a Moms of LEO Board Member and advocate for law enforcement. Her daughter a law enforcement detective who is a breast cancer survivor, was the inspiration to start an independent support group to help other law enforcement officers and their families that are experiencing life’s challenges. It’s very tough having family in law enforcement about the fear and danger of the unknown. There are times you hear about a law enforcement officer’s life being cut short due to shooting or car chase accidents involving an officer and you never know if it’s your loved one or not. These are just the many issues of dealing with a family in law enforcement. The support group welcomes federal, state and local agencies and their families.

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