By Joan Alagood

One thousand extra cops are patrolling the streets of NYC this week. Their presence is designed to reassure the traumatized residents, workers and tourists of Manhattan so everyday life, having been punctuated by Saturday’s potential terrorist bombing, can go on.

First responders and cops answered the call at the site of the Seaside Marine Corps Race that rattled New Jersey with a “potential” terrorist bomb on Saturday. Police and ambulance also responded to the call in St. Paul, Minnesota, this weekend as a potential terrorist shouting “Allah Akbar” stabbed nine victims as they visited the Mall.

Men in blue set aside their natural fear and raced toward bombs and stabbings in three American cities this one weekend. Men in blue put you and me before themselves and before their own wives and children.

This same weekend grown men, buffered by helmets and full body pads, earning salaries in the tens of millions, took a knee. These big boys playing with pigskin foster the lie that “hands up, don’t shoot” really happened.

These modern day pretend soldiers of the gridiron are attempting to rekindle the prejudices and hatred of yesteryear. They denigrate the blue lives that rush to the sites of real life traffic accidents, drug deals, domestic violence incidents, gang bangs and terror plots. Playing games in pads on turf, the gridiron glamour boys are moving the racial ball back to the ten yard line metaphorically, as if little progress has been made in race relations these past five decades.

Pampered pop stars reside in palatial homes and travel like princes while real men, the cops who protect us- and them – maneuver down the hard and dirty streets of real life making 1/100th of NFL salaries and putting their very lives on the line every day.

Joan Alagood
Corresponding Secretary
Hillsborough County FL Republican Party