The Blue Angel of Hope

Kristen Millard is an American Mom who felt a personal loss when a Police Officer in the community she lives – lost his life. She honored that officer with a blue line flag to show respect and love in a way that only a selfless act could. The goal was to do something in the bigger picture of life to honor real American heroes. What she did next is an absolute game changer!

Kristen began buying Blue Line Flags and sending them out to Police Departments who have had a loss all across the nation. Even more surprising; she has funded the entire movement out of her own pocket, and we’re talking over 500 flags and counting! The organization is so grassroots that there is no website at the moment – however Kristen is working on one now. This is an incredible and original story that must be heard and shared with the world. Listen in to the authenticity of this woman, let it connect with your own values, and then ask yourself – what can I do in the bigger picture of life to MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE!

Lt. Sutton’s VIEW FROM THE BLUE is also positive because he is talking about the brand new Gallup Poll which shows that “America’s respect level for police jumped to its highest level since 1967! The poll reveals that 76% of Americans said they have “a great deal of respect” for police in their area. This show celebrates America’s respect for police.

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