As usual, I would like to bring to the attention of everyone the simplest FACT that has been missed since 1948 by every single politician and pundit:

United Nations Resolution 181 was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 that called for the partition of British Mandated Palestine into TWO STATES an Arab and a Jewish one with the city of Jerusalem as a Corpus Separatum (meaning separate entity) to be governed by a special international regime.

The resolution was considered by the Jewish community in the British Mandate to be the legal basis for the establishment of State of Israel but which was totally rejected by the Arabs and was succeeded immediately by violence.

This was the very TWO STATES UN resolution that the Arabs rejected by starting a publicly declared war of EXTERMINATION against the Jews the very day the State of Israel was declared 15th May 1948.

It is a tragedy and an unfortunate reality that 99% of current humanity do not realize that the Arabs flouted UN resolution 181 starting the first War of Aggression for which the UN was created to prevent.

Six Arab armies invaded the territory of the State of Israel which had no proper army, air force or tanks yet the Arabs ignominiously lost their war of aggression and had to sue for an Armistice in 1949. The most important reason for the defeat was the fact that the Jews were fighting for their very survival in the land of their nativity while the Arabs were fighting for Plunder, Rape and Extermination.

As usual with Muslims, although they are invariably the aggressors, they always pretend to be the victims when defeated. This is why the so called ‘palestinians’ call their defeat at the hands of the pesky Jews NAKBA meaning Catastrophe. Of course it turned out to be a catastrophe because the Arabs never believed that what they considered cowardly Jews were able to turn the tables on them.

Having given the reader the true background of these events let me now explain what the OBVIOUS that has been missed for the last 70 years of so called politics and International Law.

Since it was the Arabs who dismissed UN resolution 181 and its articles about Jerusalem by starting the war against the Jews, then it should have been crystal clear that Arab defeat cannot and must NOT be rewarded by going back to that resolution having been ABROGATED (made null and void) by their aggression and refusal to abide by it.

Let me now share with you another fact missed by all the so called experts in politics regarding the UN resolution against the USA moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Of 192 voting nations in the UN, 128 were against the USA, 9 with and 35 abstentions. All the media and experts called it a resounding defeat for the USA and of course especially President Trump.

What these brain dead experts have not calculated are the following:

From 128 against, we must deduct 57 Muslim majority dysfunctional states that very obviously would like Jerusalem divided so as to have the Temple Mount under their control. This results in the following~

Against the USA 71 states. For, abstentions and not participating 64 states; making it a resounding defeat for the Muslims and Arabs.

What is very disgusting and incomprehensible of all is the fact that most Christian nations – especially the ungrateful Europeans – supported a resolution allowing the DIVISION of Jerusalem with holiest place for Jews and Christians forever under the control of the most ardent haters of Jews and Christians called Muslims.

Dear Americans, the most lethal and devastating weapon in the human intellectual arsenal is KNOWLEDGE of Facts and Reality

With KNOWLEDGE one can devastate any adversary with unpretentious questions, statements, facts or answers.

What Nikki Haley should have asked all the members of the UN who voted AGAINST the USA the following simple but most devastating questions possible:

a) Can any of you my learned colleagues find the name of Jerusalem mentioned anywhere in the Quran?

b) Can any of you find the name of Jerusalem written anywhere in the Hadiths?

c) Was Jerusalem ever the capital of any Arab or Islamic political entity?

d) If Jerusalem is so important why then from 1948 till 1967 while Jerusalem was for 19 years under the control of Jordan did not the Arabs declare it as the capital of the state that the UN gave to the Arabs?

e) Why did Jerusalem all of a sudden become of relevance only after the 1967 SIX days war?

f) Can any of you learned colleagues give factual answers to any of my simple questions? And if NOT? Why NOT?

These questions alone should have shamed (not possible when dealing with the scum of the UN)

For those who do not know, Jerusalem is mentioned 667 times in the Bible and ZERO, I repeat ZERO times in Muhammad’s Quran.

The greatest tragedy of all is the disgusting and incomprehensible support given by Christian majority countries in Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Americas to allow Jerusalem to be either divided or exclusively under Muslim rule, the very Muslims who HATE both Christians and Jews.

The fact that president Trump and the USA alone in all of the UN stand with Israel is by any religious Biblical understanding a BLESSING to the American people since the God of the Bible addressed the Israelites as follows~

Genesis 12:3 “ I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on Earth will be blessed through you” 

And also Balaam’s Blessing instead of a curse as God commanded him~

Numbers 24:9 “May those who bless you be blessed and those who curse you be cursed!”