As always, we in the alternative and independent news media, have to counter the deliberate and wilful deceptions committed by the “Fake News”; actually the intellectual enemies of “We the People”.

The “Fake News” are the propaganda arm of the New Fascist Democrat party. A party that was never democratic, since it was invariably the bastion that continuously upheld the enslavement of Black Americans.

Since the objective of the “Fake News” is to relentlessly misinform and contort Facts, we too among the alternative and independent news media, must inexorably disclose the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, to the American people.

To counter the repeated lies by the “Fake News”, we too have to reveal the TRUTH uncompromisingly, at the cost of reiterating previously mentioned comments, thoughts, ideas or conclusions.

For any propaganda to succeed, Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s minister of propaganda – advised: “Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth”. In psychology, this is called “the Illusion of Truth”. Alternatively, “Repetition can even make known lies, sound more believable”.  Lies are like a virus, that spread easily around and contaminates the truth, making it impossible for people to separate actual facts from malicious rumours.

From the very beginning, the Democrat party enslaved blacks physically to start with, and later, after their emancipation by the Republicans under Lincoln, they were once more chained to the Plantation, economically, educationally, mentally and socially.

For the last 80 years, the Democrats made a great number of promises to the blacks, but rarely did anything of value come true, after they got their vote.

The leaders and members of BLM could not care less about the black people, because these so called leaders are mostly unemployable thugs and misfits, who are using terror, intimidation and extortion (the Mafia) to gain their objectives.

If BLM really cared about black lives, they should have done their utmost to stop the relentless slaughter of blacks by blacks in mostly Democrat controlled cities.

They should have addressed the continuing disintegration of the two- parent black family, resulting in dysfunctional, unruly, undereducated children, raised by disadvantaged single mothers.

If BLM gave a cent for black lives, they should have done their utmost to stop the abortion of tens of thousands of black babies, each year.

BLM, is a criminal organization pretending to be a social movement.

First and foremost, they are RACIST, since “Black Lives Matter” is a chauvinistic mind set, putting down “All Lives Matter”. They are not only anti-whites, but also, anti-anyone who is not black. What about “Asian Lives”? “Hispanic Lives”?

BLM exhibits exactly the same supremacist belief system as Islam; This is why CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), has been inciting Muslim Americans (mostly black), to join the riots, burnings, destruction and toppling of American statues, as a prelude to eliminating America’s history, and the overthrow of the status quo. After all, invasions, plunder, enslavement and destruction, have been fundamental for the creation of Arab and Islamic Imperialism.

Furthermore, Muslims have succeeded in eradicating the histories of at least twenty nations from three civilizations, over the last 1400 years, on three continents; Asia, Africa and Europe.

What is most disheartening and shocking regarding the mindless destruction and plunder committed by BLM and its supporters, is the total lack of historical knowledge and comprehension exhibited, not only by the BLM members, but also, by millions of clueless, dumb, and ill- informed White and Black Americans, irrespective of education, social standing, or financial status.

Of course, the so called ‘reporters’ of the “Fake Media”, are more than happy not to ask the following questions from BLM and any of the rioters about the allegedly racist America and Americans:

    1. How did the black ancestors of BLM arrive in the USA?
    2. Where from Africa did they come?
    3. Who sold them to the white slavers, awaiting the arrival of human chattel, on their ships in the ports of West Africa?
    4. The white people did NOT go into dark Africa to get the slaves. They left this extremely dangerous and evil endeavour, to Muslim Arabs and black Africans.
    5. Was it not the Muslim Arabs and their black African converts to Islam, who caused the death of over 140,000,000 of their fellow Africans, so that 14,000,000 ended as slaves in the Americas?
    6. Was not only 3.5 – 5% of these wretched slaves, 700,000 landed in the USA?
    7. For what reason did over 600,000 white Americans die in the Civil War?
    8. Which party was for slavery and which was against?
    9. Was it not only White, Christian, English speaking peoples (Americans and British), who were the ones who stopped Arab and Muslim slavers of African Blacks, on the high seas and all over the world? Blacks did not do that. Arabs did not do that, nor did the Chinese, Indians or anyone else.
    10. Was it not allegedly, racist white Americans, who elected the closeted Muslim black mulatto, Barack Hussein Obama, TWICE to be president of the most powerful nation on Earth?
    11. Other than Obama of the USA, can anyone name a single black person achieving the political summit of Everest, anywhere else in history?
    12. Why pick on none-black Americans of today, demanding’ reparations’ and apologies from them, when they have had nothing  whatsoever to do, with what transpired over two centuries ago, while very conveniently ignoring the Arabs and Muslims, who are still trading with black slaves, as you are reading this article?
    13. Why is not a single reporter asking the white supporters of BLM, why they believe they are guilty of anything to do with slavery or the condition of blacks?
    14. American police interact with the American people, at least 60,000,000 times a year, the absolute majority of the time, to protect them. These are not reported because, Good News is No News.

Why is not anyone in politics or the media, pointing these obscene two faced, double standards out, exhibited in plain view, by BLM and their unhinged supporters?

As always with the Fake News, they have no reporters. They have jackasses pretending to be ‘reporters’, because the above questions would utterly discredit any member of BLM or any of their stooge followers.

BLM’s duplicity, hypocrisy, ingratitude and disloyalty to the American people and the American State, is crystal clear for all to see, and is rarely different from the same characteristics that one can describe the current Democrat leaders with.

BLM’s objective is to overthrow and dismantle all the underpinnings of the Republic, and to turn it into an African or Latin American replica “Banana Republic”.

The Democrat party is only too happy to support BLM, because they are hoping these catastrophic internal upheavals ripping apart the USA, will help remove Donald Trump; as if these spineless leaders will ever be able to stop or overcome BLM after Trump.

BLM has revealed the following Unintended Consequences:

A) As a result of using terror, BLM has succeeded in forcing the people who suffer from the ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, to undergo another trauma: An encompassing, unwarranted, abnormal and absurd sense of guilt, that they are only able to excoriate, through a self-inflicted gratification of intellectual masturbation.

It is beyond irrational, watching stupid whites (young, old, rich, poor, politicians, clergy, academics, major companies and even some police) grovel and cry ‘mea culpa/ through my fault’, although not a single one of them, has any reason to beg forgiveness from any black. Their behaviour is not only beneath contempt and sickening, it is utterly insane.

B) BLM, just like the Democrats and their Brown Shirts (Antifa) before them, has been able to silence all reason, conversation, logic and debate through the application of intimidation. Only a handful of Americans in the media and politics are willing to stand up and be counted.

Tragically, it looks like most Americans have completely forgotten how the Communists, Fascists and Nazis, took over the destinies of millions of people, by applying exactly the same methodology of terror.

C) BLM has created an unbelievable intellectual reign of terror in American society, whereby most Americans, would rather keep their beliefs and their opinions to themselves, lest they are accused of being Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Sexist, or whatever else, to silence anyone who has a different point of view from theirs.

Parents are afraid of their children; friends cannot and will not have frank discussions; families are cleft asunder; in universities and academia, another reign of fear is directed at anyone, who supports Conservative and or patriotic points of view.

D) BLM helped demonstrate that American society – besides other divides — has become of two distinct types:  Urban in cities, and Rural in the hinterland. On the one hand, those who live in cities are mostly unarmed (because of extremely stringent rules against owning a firearm), who depend for their protection, primarily by the Police.

On the other hand, most Americans who are Rural, own the majority of over 300,000,000 firearms. They are much more prepared to defend themselves and their towns, against Antifa and others, than the helpless ones in cities; especially if these cities are run by Democrats. This has been the case so far.

Any fair minded American watching TV should know by now that from 30 cities that suffered riots and destruction without allowing the police to stop them, 26 are controlled by Democrats (Mayors, Governors & Police commissioners, both Black & White). Only 4 are run by Republicans.

These are the black politicians and leaders, who were elected by blacks to defend them, but instead, after 30 + years in DC, they too became part and parcel of the corrupt Democrat Swamp.

E) BLM, forced the Democrat leaders, from Pelosi down, to grovel and kneel for them. As always, not a single ‘reporter’ asked any member of the utterly hypocritical kneeling, history brain-dead Democrats, why they are wearing the Ashanti Kente coloured scarves, especially since the Ashanti Empire traded with black slaves?

F) BLM demands ‘Defunding’ the police forces of the USA. As always with the Democrat leaders, they too, joined the insane chorus to pander for the black vote. From Pelosi to the least member of the Democrat party, they are supporting and participating in toppling statues of any American they deemed ‘racist’.

When decent law-abiding Americans, watching the orgies of robberies and looting, and learning about the emasculation of their guardians, the police, they flocked to the gun stores, by the tens of thousands.

They bought approximately 1,726,053 guns in May – a record-breaking 80.2 percent increase from last year – according to data released by Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting, which examines the raw data obtained from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Of the firearms sold, 1,052,723 were handguns and 535,014 were long-guns.

BLM thus, unintentionally, increased the percentage of Americans who will never allow the 2nd Amendment to be abrogated, thus undermining what Democrats want to achieve.

G) The BLM massive demonstrations, allowed tens of thousands of Americans defy all the CDC and WHO instructions of distancing, masks and gloves, thus creating the most incredible medical test, as to whether or not, the Corona virus will cause a major spike in the two to three weeks thereafter.

It is obvious that most Americans, public and politicians, have overlooked the following TRUTH:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men, to do nothing” (Edmund Burke). This is exactly what we unfortunately are witnessing happening in the USA.

Fortunately, another BLM Unintended Consequence may be, the very great possibility, that all those Americans who have been so far silenced by BLM and Democrat terror will, on 3rd November, in the privacy of their voting booths, will be free to pay back those who are tormenting and shutting them up, by giving Donald J Trump a landslide victory for four more years.