From BLACK TO BLUE, the Jamie Rooney Story 2

Abused horribly as a child, Jamie Rooney knew kindness only from the Police Officers who continually arrested her Mother and those who robbed her of her childhood. That legacy of kindness and compassion by those officers led her to become a cop herself. Now Jamie Rooney is touching the lives of children in her community not just by her work as a School Resource Officer but in her new book, “BLACK TO BLUE”. Hear her amazing interview with the Host of Blue Lives Radio, Lt. Randy Sutton.

In his “View From The Blue” Randy calls out the politics of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for ordering police not to use Immigration Laws to battle the deadly MS-13 Gang and Louisiana Attorney General Landry for his threats to prosecute the officers cleared by the DOJ in the shooting of armed thug Alton Sterling. Don’t miss it.

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