The day Barack Obama was elected in 2008, fuel was thrown on the fire of racial division in America, along with a renewed hatred for police officers by many Black Americans in this country. This was part of his Progressive Liberal plan to tear America apart. Obama himself was a devout follower of the infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wright in Chicago. Reverend Wright is a racist who hates white people and even more so, America. Watch some of his maniacal rants on YouTube like this one and you’ll see.

Obama single-handedly stopped any progress being made in racial relations previous to his election, and has made things far worse than they’d been for decades. His personal microphone, the mainstream media, was only too happy to give him the platform he needed to do so.

Obama did nothing for the advancement of the black culture in America. It was just the opposite. Black unemployment in 2015 was 9.6 percent under Obama, compared to the U.S. average at 5.3 percent. In 2018, the black unemployment rate was down to 6.5 percent under President Trump. A Pew Research study done in November 2012, showed the percentage of U.S. adults who have ever received food stamps. The study showed white Americans at 15 percent, black Americans at 31 percent. Republicans at 10 percent and Democrats at 22 percent. As we see, the credit for this division hasn’t been solely on Obama, much of it goes to his Democrat brethren.

It’s no secret that the Dems, for decades, have been keeping black people oppressed in this country. Through bigger government along with more and more entitlement programs, it’s been a way to keep the black vote and keep Dems in power at all costs.

In recent years, Obama, the Democrats and the MSM, have given black people in this country the impression that the Ku Klux Klan was driven by the Republican party. They used it as a tool of fright, that this is where President Trump will take us back to. Obama, with his Harvard education, had to know this was not true, but did nothing to discount it. The truth is, the Klan was founded in 1865 and by 1870 became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at political and economic equality for blacks. Imagine that. The Klan’s primary goal throughout history and including throughout the civil rights movement, was the reestablishment of white supremacy. This was fulfilled through DEMOCRAT victories in state legislatures across the south. In the year 2016, there was no need to bring up this domestic terrorist group, but during the election, democrats brought it up often. Obama did not sound a word, which would have helped alleviate tensions. Divide and conquer was part of the Obama agenda.

Obama’s input into the Trayvon Martin shooting which occurred in February 2012, was calculated and unnecessary. Because of his input, a firestorm of controversy followed for a year and a half by the MSM. Before an investigation had even been completed, Obama was making this empathetic comment, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” I believe this comment was deliberately to give the impression of a poor innocent black kid gunned down for absolutely no reason. Even his own Communist News Network (CNN), had this to say, “President Obama’s interference in a local law enforcement matter was unprecedented and inappropriate.” It was not the time, or his place to make such comments. Out of this and other similar controversial instances, Obama inserted himself where he didn’t belong, giving an aura of innocence when at times there was none. Out of these instances, originated Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the distinct mistrust and abuse of local law enforcement in cities and towns around the country began to grow. Certainly, the vast majority of our brave law enforcement men and women in this country are hard-working, honest people, just trying to do their very difficult jobs the best they can. They put their lives on the line every single day to assist and save people of all backgrounds.

This movement has taken us back to the dark ages in terms of public trust for our police, especially with the black culture, which is completely unfair. Are there injustices done by some police officers, yes of course, but they happen to both whites and blacks. It’s just that the MSM will only report the black instances. Is there some excessive force used in certain situations? Yes, there is, but by and large it’s not totally unjustified. If we put ourselves in their shoes, where you have someone combative, or spitting on you, etcetera, most of us would react in an aggressive manner in return. We must remember, police officers are human as well, and susceptible to human emotions. They are not robots. Because of Obama and the MSM, a very high percentage of the black culture has lost respect for our police.

I recall a BLM group in Cleveland Ohio blocking a highway, locking arms and chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” This is not only revolting, disturbing and disgusting, it’s completely unnecessary. It’s a false narrative, but nonetheless a narrative supported by the Democrats. In 2015, the DNC went on record as endorsing Black Lives Matter.

An analysis by the University of Washington and Cornell University shows that .07 of white men per 100,000 are killed by police annually. Black men are killed at 2.2 per 100,000 men per year. As you might expect, individuals in large, central metropolitan areas are generally at a higher risk. Our inner cities have a larger population of blacks versus whites, which explains most of this disparity. Take Chicago for example where thousands of murders occur annually, a small percentage of those happen in incidents with police.

The divide has widened greatly over the past eleven years. With the mainstream media fueling the flames of racial division with every opportunity, we can only hope and pray that Black Americans continue to see through the smoke screen of hatred, falsely portrayed by the Democrats. Black America Deserve More Than to be Seen as Simply a Vote!