Imagine being pregnant, homeless and living on the streets in California when someone gives you a hotline number to call for help. You give it a try and the lady who answers in a kind, loving voice tells you she has a solution for almost all of your concerns: housing, food, prenatal care, clothing, train ticket, job, and security from any abusive relationships. The Birth and Beyond counselor who represents this 32 year old pregnancy resource center in San Jose, CA, is setting a national example of what LOVE looks like and they are literally rescuing women off the streets and giving them the Christ-centered support they need for choosing life for their unborn babies.

Christine Mary Ibanez is the Executive Director for Birth and Beyond Women’s Care, a pregnancy resource center of the St. Juan Diego Society in San Jose, California. An accountant by training — and race car driver and marathon runner — Christine has cast an important vision for Birth and Beyond – a world where women are not outcast for choosing life for their unborn children.

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