This weekend, thousands gathered in Washington, New York, Los Angles, Denver and other cities in a march for gun control stemming from the Parkland Florida school shooting. I have no issue with that per se. A variety of signs were being held saying to “Ban Assault Rifles, “We Are the Change,” ”No More Silence” and “Keep NRA Money Out of Politics.” What is troubling to me is that when asked what an assault rifle is, more could not answer than could. When asked about the second amendment, they did not know what it is. When asked about the Bill of Rights, they did not know what is in it. One person said that the Bill of Rights is no longer relevant, that this is a new generation and the Bill of Rights no longer applies.

Really? How about you take a look at the first amendment, which guarantees the right of assembly and free speech, among other minor things such as freedom of religion and the press. I would challenge any of you to take this march to the front gates of Putin’s house and see how that works out for you. Try Venezuela or Iran. In fact take your march to any number of countries in the world, and see what happens when you are not protected by this outdated and useless document.

Your freedoms to express, to speak, to march, to assemble, to complain about your government are in the Bill of Rights. What scares me is that this generation is being manipulated as pawns and puppets for political agendas that they do not understand and have no life context to understand yet. Brains are not fully formed in school kids. That is not an insult, just a biological fact. With life experience, views and perspectives will change.

The things I thought I knew in my fantasy world of black and white when I was a teen, are not what they seemed. We cannot take a tragedy and make a snap decision that the gun is the problem. If you are going to get out and protest, at least know what you are protesting, the history, the context, the facts. Otherwise, what you are doing other than being a lemming, can do more harm than good. It makes you feel important to think you are doing and saying and standing for important issues, and I understand the pain that brought people there. I also understand the sinister people using the teens at a vulnerable time to advance their own agendas, and as wrong as it is, it will go on.

This picture is so much bigger. It goes back to the same 2 places every time, the family and the schools. We as families are not there anymore, to teach our children our history, the good and the bad, and our history within the context of the world, and the atrocities that have occurred and why we are where we are as a country, and why we have a constitution and a bill of rights. This generation does not understand why we have a 2nd amendment, and how in the light of history and figures like Stalin and Hitler, we MUST have a 2nd amendment. This generation is not being taught our true history and our constitution and Bill of Rights, with the dignity and importance that they deserve.

Our schools have become bastions for political correctness instead of pride in America, the greatest country on earth. We are taking out God and Country every day, and to me, that is like removing the foundational stones from a building until it can no longer stand.

When you are in Italy and a coliseum of Italians sing their Anthem, it will bring you to tears, the love for their country and patriotism is like a wave washing over the crowd. Here, our schools fight to take patriotism out of education and completely fail to teach students the true history of the battles we have fought and the reasons our Constitution and Bill of Rights exist and why they are the greatest defining documents in the world today.

Unless we are willing to get our schools teaching the basics again, and in truthful ways, our generations will not understand history, and history is doomed to repeat itself and we are headed down that path. Parents must take time to teach their kids, and they don’t take that time, prioritize that time. Schools won’t do it any more, unless parents make them. As we age, the new generations no longer have parents who fought in wars, to even teach those lessons, and each generation is further removed from understanding the horrors of a society disarmed, or without freedom of religion, or the freedom to assemble, or freedom of speech. Society is not meant to have the many ruled by the few, it is what is good for the most, and by the people and for the people.

You that demonstrate and know nothing about what you are demonstrating for, or worse, take a paycheck for doing so, are nothing but pawns in someone else’s chess game for power, and it will cost you and all of us due to the naiveté you have in not seeing the big picture. Americans fight and die for the freedoms we have and I suggest you think twice about what you are standing for and what it really means. No one wants students gunned down in schools and we do need some changes and solutions. Know what you are fight for and demonstrating for, rather than the usual political knee jerk reaction that you are being puppeteered into playing out for someone else’s political agenda.

IMAGE: Students rally at the Capitol in solidarity with those affected by the shooting in Parkland, Florida (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)