Convenience comes at a price. But what exactly is that price? And are you willing to pay the price through the violation of your privacy? Big Tech appears to hold all the cards–or do they? We’ve become the product with the adage ‘if it’s free it’s for me’. That FREE has a big price tag attached to it. Co-hosts Linda Martinelli and DrFaye Wilson join Malcolm is a quest to retrieve our freedom, rights and privacy! Prior to listening, here are our eight tips:

1 – Location Services, be selective and turn on and off
2 – Delete every APP you have, and start over again
3 – Don’t give the kids toys that connect to internet, IOT
4 – Contact Consumer Protection Agency to verify safety of specific equipment
5 – Change Your Passwords regularly, make good passwords
6 – Phishing is big problem. Do not open emails and notices from unknown
7 – Do not answer phone calls you don’t know – data mining
8 – Be cautious of Smart TV’s – disconnect from Internet of Things

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