President Biden’s inaugural rhetoric prominently emphasized a need for political unity, but his radical globalist policy agenda is being implemented swiftly through executive orders without any Congressional input or consensus. In Episode 27 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, Malcolm and Michael return with a summation of over 40 destructive executive orders Biden has signed with wide-ranging implications, including amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens, the end of border wall construction, extensive restrictions on domestic energy exploration, and reentry into the discredited World Health Organization (WHO) and the costly and controversial Paris Climate Accord that does little to reduce global carbon emissions, has essentially no enforcement mechanisms against violators and does nothing to constrain the pollution of China, the world’s largest polluter.

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Malcolm and Michael describe a vastly altered American political dynamic that, on the surface, looks enormously bleak and threatening but now may offer the best opportunity in at least a decade for grassroots patriots and conservatives to reshape and rebrand the Republican Party, build on former President Trump’s successful Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda, unify around ambitious strategic political and policy goals, and launch the biggest grassroots political comeback since the Tea Party movement’s historic 2010 Congressional victories effectively blocked the Obama administration’s radical legislative agenda. But none of this will be done by following the status quo, Malcolm and Michael contend. They describe a Republican Party and conservative movement that proved timid and ineffective when confronted with last November’s vast presidential electoral fraud and wasted prime opportunities throughout Trump’s four years to advance the America First agenda. But armed with better ideas and a passionate political base of tens of millions who demonstrate no enthusiasm for Biden’s agenda, the table is now set to upend this unilateral globalist power grab and mount a fresh national campaign for the hearts and minds of American voters.

With Viewpoint now sponsored by Shop to the Right, a growing national organization that is networking freedom-loving Americans with freedom-loving providers of goods and services, the role of America Out Loud is poised to help point the way to the causes, issues, and messages that can begin to represent a comeback for the founding principles and MAGA agenda that still has solutions and a founding but, for the first time in four years, no federal governmental power.

Listen to Hour One of Viewpoint This SundayTemperatures Rising Due To ‘Political Warming’ – Joe Biden avoids working with Congress in signing a record-setting number of EOs doing a complete reversal of the Trump era. Buzz Patterson will get us updated on how many more signatures are needed to recall California Governor Newsom. We will discuss the real debate on climate change in this segment with two experts who understand what is behind the climate scare with Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr. Daniel Baranowski on the future of the Republican Party.

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