With a mere 51 days before what many consider the most important presidential election in United States’ history, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with Episode Eight, raising some hugely important questions: Why is the mainstream media not demanding answers from Joe Biden on the damaging ramifications of Biden’s policy proposals? Has professional sports now thrown in its lot with the radical left, which polls suggest is alienating many of their fans? And what does it say that one of America’s greatest enemies and the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic regime in Iran, has made it clear that it prefers Biden over President Trump in this November’s election and is actively working to support him?

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Biden’s Destructive Policies | Malcolm and Michael provide a fairly comprehensive overview of Biden’s policy proposals, observing that they almost all have one common denominator: They will damage America.They also discuss how the mainstream media are largely permitting Biden to avoid having to answer important questions about these policies. Biden is proposing a $4 trillion increase in taxes, including raising the corporate tax rate above that of China and many of America’s primary trade competitors. How would such vast tax increases at this moment be anything but damaging as America seeks to recuperate from the economic devastation of the pandemic? Biden will end construction of the border wall. What precisely is his alternative plan to secure the southern border over which millions of foreigners have entered the U.S.? Biden will grant many and possibly all illegal immigrants citizenship. With millions of American citizens having lost their jobs because of the pandemic, why would we seek to expand competition for jobs with illegal immigrants who are here only because they violated our immigration laws? Biden supports Obamacare. Would he put Americans back in the Obamacare mandate, requiring that they pay a federal penalty for not participating in it? Why does Biden think putting America back in the Paris Agreement, which exempts the world’s largest polluter China and requires a vast transfer of wealth from the U.S. to other nations, would benefit working Americans? All of these are vital questions, Malcolm and Michael contend, and the biggest disservice is that the media is not demanding answers to them from Biden.

The Politicization of Professional Sports | A couple days after the 19th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Malcolm and Michael recall the constructive role that professional sports, especially Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL), played in unifying and inspiring the nation in the wake of the most devastating attack on the U.S. They play and discuss the home run Chicago Cubs’ right fielder Sammy Sosa hit in the first home game at Wrigley Field following the attacks and the inspiring visual of Sosa grabbing and waiving an American flag from Cubs’ first base coach Billy Williams as he rounded first base following his first inning home run against the Houston Astros. The Wrigley crowd erupted in a sense of patriotic pride. But compare that today. Since San Francisco 49ers quarterback disrespected the American national anthem and flag by taking a knee during the national anthem in 2016, professional sports appears to be joining other influential American institutions in embracing a far left agenda, which a new Gallup Poll shows is deeply alienating its fan base. Malcolm and Michael discuss how American institutions are falling under control of the left because the current generation of conservative institutions and activists have demonstrated a leadership failure in engaging these institutions and ensuring they at least maintain neutrality. They discuss how professional athletics is being duped and serving a destructive role in embracing a violent, Marxist, anti-American organization, apparently failing to recognize that it can reject both racism and this dangerous, destructive organization. In embracing this organization, professional sports is not opposing racism; it is inherently condoning the street violence of this organization, which has taken 15 innocent lives and inflicted $1 billion in property damage to American cities over the last three months.

Iran’s Islamic Regime Backing Biden | Malcolm and Michael praise recent reporting by Adam Kredo, the national security and foreign policy writer for The Washington Free Beacon, who details extensive efforts by the Islamic regime in Iran to support and aid Biden’s presidential bid. They suggest that all Americans should ask themselves why Iran, an overtly anti-American regime that is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and one of the world’s worst human rights abusers, so desperately wants to see Trump out of the office. With Biden promising to end Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against the regime and again placing the U.S. back in the disastrous Iran agreement, the answer is fairly self-evident: The tyrannical regime in Iran believes its efforts to develop a nuclear weapons program, expand its global terrorist activities, and continue its oppression of its own citizens will be much easier with Biden as president. They also discuss this week’s execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari, who was jailed for his participation in protests against the regime, tortured into confessing crimes he did not commit, and then sentenced to death on the basis of those confessions. Afkari’s execution, Malcolm and Michael suggest, reflects the regime’s recognition that intimidating the Iranian people, including executing innocent civilians, is its desperate attempt to maintain control. The Iranian regime, however, is weaker than ever as a product of Trump’s constructive maximum pressure campaign and its widespread unpopularity. Speculation is growing about how much longer the regime can endure. Afkari’s execution has drawn vast global condemnation and is likely to lead nations of the world and the people of Iran to even further intensify their opposition to the regime.

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