Something interesting has been occurring in recent days and weeks during this 2020 presidential campaign season. The Socialist Democrat Party standard-bearer Joe Biden⏤instead of running ‘for’ the presidency, has now begun to run ‘away’ from his 47 year record in politics.

Joe Biden is the epitome of what a Washington Swamp Creature is, a politician spending decades in office yet being unable to truthfully point to a single accomplishment of his⏤that has benefitted the American people. Joe simply has nothing of significance on his political record to boast about. He’s an empty suit.

On those rare occasions when he has crawled out of his basement to make a well-choreographed campaign appearance⏤he lays claim to about everything, from discovering the cure for Polio, opening up the west as part of the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark, and finding Dr. Livingston in deepest, darkest Africa.

Joe will simply make bold-faced lies over and over again taking credit for any achievement even though he had nothing to do with it. He talks of his time as Barack Obama’s vice president as though he were the main player in the administration, and Obama himself was nothing more than a prop.

Recently his former boss had laid claim to the record breaking economy built by President Trump. And Obama’s Court Jester, Joe Biden is also now claiming that the Obama Administration handed over a great economy to President Trump, which Trump subsequently squandered. If their lies weren’t so egregious they’d be laughable. The Obama-Biden economic policies were a miserable failure. Neither one knows diddly squat about how to run an economy, they only know how to take credit for someone else’s work.

The Obama-Biden Administration did nothing but weaken America economically, politically, and militarily during its eight years in office. The world laughed behind the backs of ‘Pompous Obama’ and ‘Joe the Buffoon’, and dismissed anything they said. They simply were not taken seriously.

What has been coming to light recently has shown what Joe Biden has spent 47 years in Washington accomplishing. And that is nothing for Americans, but instead he has filled the pockets of himself and his family. Using his position in the Senate and later as vice president⏤instead to help his son Hunter make millions of dollars selling access to his father, only to “squander” it on hookers, strippers, and drugs.

With the help of the biased news media, Joe Biden has been protected from his past. But his past is rapidly catching up to him, and he can run but he can’t hide. Joe Biden is nothing but another Socialist-Democrat grifter just like the Clinton cabal before him.

Joe Biden is a crook, a con-artist, and a poster child for term limits. And Americans should roundly reject him on Tuesday, November 3.