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Divine connections and times are those moments that God has preordained for us. They are priceless because God uses these moments to direct us and bring divine messages and inspiration. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to interview a fellow Zimbabwean Best Seller and Trail Blazer on her recent book that I coauthored, “Beyond The Scars: Real Life Accounts Of Women Who Overcame Adversity (Overcomers Book 1).

Epi Mabika talks about the uplifting encouraging women and their stories and gives a peek into how she has been able to juggle it all. Epi in an eloquent way that only she can exude states that the stories in beyond the scars will cultivate a spirit of triumph within all who will read the book and listen to this podcast. This show serves as a wake-up call to reclaim your life and bounce back after adversity, creating a perfect climate to stimulate the dormant giant in you that knows that you are not a victim of your circumstances! Reading the book especially one is bound to be inspired to take back ownership of your life by going on a journey with remarkable women who were defiant in conquering harsh life challenges including Domestic Violence, Prejudice, Rejection, Stereotypes, Disability, illness, Suicide attempts and Abuse. These transformational truths from courageous women will uplift you and provide a pathway of escape from any physical or psychological scars. Beyond The Scars crosses cultural, religious, socio-economic, gender and generational barriers, ensuring it’s adaptability to suit any audience, and becoming a megaphone that amplifies the voice of social justice. 
The use of real life stories written by ordinary women ensures that you gain perspective of the harsh realities that women endure, as well as the effective steps they take to overcome. There is hope, peace and victory beyond the scars of life.

Author | International Speaker | Publishing Consultant | Social Entrepreneur Epi is passionate about promoting women’s voices by providing publishing platforms that leverage their experiences whilst creating sustainable income streams. She does this in the form of Coaching, Training, Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Books and Online Courses. She has won multiple awards for her Speaking, Entrepreneurship and Community projects.

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