I’ve only been working with my personal trainer, Tom, for a little over a month.

The same morning I penned this article, I was swinging kettle bells around, I’d been on one of those bikes that works your arms and legs at the same time (there’s probably a posh name for it, I don’t know; I had my own name for it!) and a ski machine.

Already, I’m able to do much more than I could have achieved a few weeks ago. My stamina’s coming back. I’m standing taller.

I still have bingo wings and a bit of stomach flab, but I’m working on those.

Here’s what you don’t know…

I’m asthmatic and, earlier this year, I had pleurisy. Add this to the chest infection a few years before that left one of my lungs working at a third of capacity, not to mention the historic broken back injury.

I allowed fear to get in my way. I ‘nannied’ myself a bit too much (which is different to taking care).

Last time I had physio on my back (I fell UP some stairs in London and knocked everything out of line. Only I could manage that!) my healing hands man told me I could go back to the gym, but for no more than 20 minutes at a time!

Whaaat?! I was an hour or two at the gym kind of person at the time. Twenty minutes? It’s hardly worth wrestling with a sports bra for that!

That was two years ago.

I stopped going to the gym and began to believe I wouldn’t be able to do it.

This morning, I did three sets of a solid minute with a 6k kettle bell in each hand. For you, that might be nothing. For me… that’s like climbing Everest.

What does this have to do with life, business and EVERYTHING?

Read on and you’ll get it!

This! This is what it has to do with your life…

What are you putting off because you fear it’s out of reach?

What if you gave it a go? Baby steps are okay at first.

What do you want to achieve, but haven’t dared to try?

What is it?

Business related stuff? Live videos? A different social media platform? Public speaking? Getting into your local press or specialist business magazine? Email marketing? Getting more visible? What?

Life stuff? Spending more time with your family? Getting outdoors? Running that trail? Learning to play guitar? Learning to unicycle? Traveling? What?

What’s stopping you? What do you need to do to at least put the wheels in motion?

Maybe it’s time! Maybe you can #UnleashYourAwesome more than you know.

Shout if I can help.