There is a FINE LINE between being informed and injecting the virus news into your veins. The American Media is on a full frontal assault. The media talking puppet heads are obsessed with spreading fear, misinformation, bad news, and accusations that have no foundation in data science or reality. It’s a four-letter word and it starts with the letter ‘F’… FEAR!

We will live through this but it’s up to you to determine what this country will look like on the other side.

Will we be a nation in chaos and ruin with bankruptcies of individuals and families? Will businesses and industries be destroyed and in a position for foreign interests to exploit their situation, and lastly will we fail to restore confidence and sanity in our nation, people and in our politics or we will fail to repair and maintain our Republic?

We’ll discuss the media overload and scare tactics being waged against the American public with Dr Ron Martinelli. DrRon is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, political analyst and Host of Talking While Married.

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