There is now breaking news out of China that the government is not happy with Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter. With the realization that all is lost with this past week’s revelation of Joe and Hunter Biden’s illegal and corrupt financial ties to Communist China, the government in Beijing made the decision to sever all ties to Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The CCP has even gone so far as to throw Hunter Biden under the bus. Seeing no further use of this or any arrangement with his family, the CCP directed China’s GTV television to upload and air video of Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person.

China has recorded access to any and all personal activity of anyone who visits China, particularly high-level executive government and business leaders and associates. Clearly the attitude and message of Beijing is essentially the total abandonment and banishment of the former VP and his son, and any current and future business deals and arrangements with the Biden family.

Joe Biden will suffer for unequivocally denying what is now a demonstrable fact; there is evidence that his family ran a systematic shake-down operation to peddle inside access and influence for millions of foreign dollars in profits. In the debate, Biden was bewildered, even seemed to question, why anyone could ever conclude the obvious.

Emails on the laptops prove the Bidens are owned by foreign entities, and are indeed corrupt. The laptops prove without a doubt the Chinese Communist Party is directly linked to Biden. This is monumental news my friends. And while the mainstream media news says nothing about it or criticizes it to protect Joe Biden and the Biden Campaign, it is all on the U.S. Marshall’s website.

Here is the key take away to understand and realize about the pictures and videos on Hunter’s laptop. They are selfies⏤he took in various different states, sexual activities and compromising positions and situations. Those of us who have seen it and read it, can attest, and verify that without any question what was going on and what was at play.

Joe Biden is hoping that he can limp across the electoral finish line by refusing to answer salient questions about his son Hunter and his foreign scandalous and illegal business dealings. 

Consider the remote chance, that even if Biden where to be elected president, the damning evidence will continue to emerge that his grifter-son fully embraced the Washington tradition of corrupt and shameless influence-peddling in a big way. Both men deserve a monument to greed⏤erected in their honor. 

That said, the fact is that the unresolved and trenchant questions are: how much did Joe Biden know and to what extent was he involved in the illicit and illegal schemes? One thing you can be sure of, Joe will never answer those questions. Of course, we all understand that Biden, the elder, is hoping that he can squeak it out, with mainstream media running cover for him, by refusing to respond to those salient questions and by denouncing the incriminating evidence as “malarkey” and “a bunch of garbage.” As we watched him scrupulously follow that script during Thursday night’s presidential debate. Realize that Joe has the script committed to his memory, such as it is. Certainly, he deserves, I suppose, some credit for following directions. 

With his so called lead in the polls, now diminishing, anticipate Biden will now surely retreat to his basement bunker trying desperately to run out the clock until November 3. The Democrats believe high numbers of early voters prior to Thursday’s debate will carry Joe. At best, Joe will campaign close to home, as he did Friday in Delaware, or play it safe, to just go through the motions with small rallies here and there. Again, to avoid having answer questions about his and Hunter’s ordeal.

We know about a year ago, Hunter Biden while drunk and or stoned, left three MacBook Pros at a Delaware PC computer repair shop. The data on those laptops was recovered, but he never showed up to retrieve and or pay. After 90-days according to the shop policy, the machines became property of PC repair guy. Hunter was told when he dropped them off, and nevertheless, was able to retrieve his data off the cloud service that he uses. To avoid returning to the repair shop, Hunter didn’t bother to retrieve the computers and pay the $85 service fee, which would have further added to the evidence trail, perhaps even falling into a sting operation. 

Which raises the question, what was actually going on? I suspect he intended to have the hard drives wiped clean and then abandon the computers, which he did. Why do that? Because he probably knew the FBI was or would soon be on his trail and he needed to protect his dad in the upcoming election campaign cycle. Understand that also found on the computer were ‘code names and fake usernames’ for Joe. Hunter could claim that he no longer had the laptops without having destroyed them. Likely, by then, the PC repair shop guy might have re-sold them, or at least they would have been wiped clean.

Fortunately, the PC repair guy saw what was on the laptops and contacted the FBI. The FBI, who deals in child porn investigations retrieved laptops from PC repair guy and had sat on it for a year with no explanation. Being the smart guy that he is, the PC repair guy made four copies of the data before contacting the FBI. He gave one copy of the data to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney. Giuliani in turn, gave the info to the NY Post. After which the Post wrote the story regarding Hunter Biden’s emails, pictures and videos on the laptops.

With the ever-damning story, the “smoking gun” now out in the media and going viral across social media, somehow the likely hemorrhaging needed to be stopped to protect Joe Biden. Enter the corporate social media giants, specifically, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, who quickly banned and censored anyone who linked to the NY Post article. Nevertheless, the article was backed-up onto a ‘dot Gov website.’ So then these “big three” in turn banned linking to the “.Gov link” as well.

Because of that, now all three social media publishers and platforms are in deep shit, and this coming week face a Senate Judiciary Committee for censoring this and more. We will see what happens – after all three are powerful entities which will not go down easily.

To that end, Hunters laptop has some very serious proof of crimes from both him and Joe. So anticipate that what we are going to hear over the next week is that Biden simply denied the factual evidence of the Hunter Biden laptop computer, the emails, the cell phones, and the testimonies from some of the relevant players as a concocted smear, the result of a Russian disinformation attack. That denial is clearly a lie. It is absolutely unsupportable – sooner or later, Biden will have to drop that false claim.  

So, for now, and as long as Joe Biden continues to resist from acknowledging the truth, he can expect more will be revealed and released. At this point, only Joe Biden can stop the bleeding!