I’m sick of hearing all the doom and gloom media coverage now.

I’m tired of hearing about job losses, business crashes, local lockdowns and that terrifying recession being held over our heads like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

I’ve had enough of people being excitedly ensnared in the drama trap, crowing their woes when, deep down, somewhere in their psyche, they’re feeding off the buzz of endorphins flying around and dopamine pinging around Facebook like some pinball machine from hell.

We *all* know Covid-19 has created all kinds of challenges for the world.

We all know how much the world of business has been hit.

We know how much the travel, tourism, leisure and entertainment sectors have been pummelled, particularly.

Yes, we know there could be big trouble for anyone in the business of leasing out big, swish, office blocks, now corporates are realising some of the benefits of people working from home.

And yes, we know people have been terribly ill. We know some have lost their lives. We know many families are grieving. I know about that first hand.

I know people are pissed off about wearing masks, about their civil liberties (apparently) being slapped by the powers that be (apparently) trying to keep the masses safe.

I know. I know. I know.

We ALL know.

But can we please, please get some perspective?


Instead of wallowing in all the doom and gloom, can we just try to find a bit of balance?

Can we please, please realise that if we don’t get a grip of ourselves we’ll plunge ourselves even deeper?

I don’t care whether you believe Covid is the beginning of the end, a giant conspiracy, Mother Nature fighting back against the arrogance of the human race, a secret weapon to thin out our world population or a chemical warfare experiment gone wrong.

I DO care that we’re all so busy focusing on the big, scary headlines that we’re sucking ourselves dry.

Behind every negative headline is a positive story being drowned out.

Natural wonders and opportunities

Look at what’s happened to the natural world since us homo sapiens stopped trampling our eco terrorist selves all over the planet. The bird song is clearer. The air is cleaner. The roads aren’t so clogged up with people zipping between meetings we’ve now proven we don’t need to attend most of the time.

Look at the opportunities that have been created. How many PPE supplies companies have sprung up? How many funky new face mask designs have appeared on the market? Hell, even GAP has its own range now!

Do a quick search for hand gel on Amazon – check out how many varieties are available now!

Look at how the market for home gym equipment has boomed.

Look at the people who’ve finally realised their dream of working for themselves. Sure, sometimes it’s been through necessity, but it’s also been because people have realised the value of working from home, being there to see their kids grow up, actually paying attention to their spouse for the first time in forever, instead of rushing past them to leap into their company car and spend more needless hours adding to traffic congestion and pollution.

Look at all those businesses who’ve flexed, adapted and created ingenious ways to keep their share of the economy ticking over.


We *will* survive this.

We *will* come back into balance.

We need to realise that, though this virus might have kicked our ego and crazy ideas about holding dominion over all things into touch, it’s also brought amazing opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop in new ways.

Wise up. Don’t get sucked into the headlines.

Life, for many, has been challenging enough already of late, without us allowing our mindsets to be slapped down further.

It’s easy to hit out at anyone with a positive attitude when you feel your life has been going to the dogs but, I promise you, optimism will get you further than pessimism.

Confidence will get you further than anxiety too.

Easier said than done, right?

Absolutely… so do yourself a favour. Let it be easier.

Start strategically searching for the positives and build tactical self belief, confidence and determination tools into your day.

Instead of soaking up those headlines that have so much power to bring us down, start pushing back by actively bringing more positives into each day.

It’s not about living in a pretend cloud cuckoo land, or refusing to acknowledge the world is changing – it’s just about recognising that there is balance in all things AND giving ourselves a fighting chance of creating a future more joyful than the news reports and political powerhouses would have us believe.

Focus on achieving, breathing, living, winning.

Set yourself daily intentions and lock your targets on some exciting future achievements as well.

Take back control.

You might not control the world, but you CAN control your mindset.

Until next time,