Do you or a loved one have epilepsy? Have you ever been so burnt out that you suffered a stress-related illness? If so, you know what a wake-up call those experiences can be. Our guest today shares a very powerful story about her epilepsy and how it was the catalyst to make massive shifts in her life.

In this episode of the IHML Show, we’re speaking with Sarah Kaler, an executive leadership coach, consultant, CEO, and co-founder of Soul Powered, a women’s leadership research and education company. Sarah started her first business at age 20 and then spent 10 years in a senior director role at Lululemon, helping it grow to a multi-billion dollar company. Although she experienced outward success, her incredible rise in the corporate world caused her to have stress-related grand mal seizures. It wasn’t until she gave birth to her son and then experienced six seizures in one week that she got the wakeup call she needed.

During this episode, Sarah shares how boundaries help us become indestructible leaders, impact the world and live the life we were meant for.

Sarah Kaler is an executive leadership coach, consultant, CEO and co-founder of SoulPowered, a women’s leadership, research, and education company. For 20+ years, she has developed business leaders, teams and CEOs at start-ups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies—including lululemon athlet­ica, Facebook, Accenture, Cisco, Intel, Hilton Hotels, Levi’s, SoFi and Nature’s Path Food. Prior to that, she spent 10 years in senior director roles at lululemon. During her meteoric rise, Sarah suffered stress-related grand mal seizure episodes and a diagnosis of epilepsy, which led her to change the way she works and lives.

Sarah has been featured in the Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Fox News, Thrive Global, Reader’s Digest, NYLON Magazine and more. She holds certifications from The Coaches Training Institute, The Marcus Buckingham Companies and the International Coach Federation. She has a BA in alternative medicine from the Evergreen College. She lives in Seattle with her husband and son.

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