Every person should create a situation in their mind that allows space for them to get well. In other words, every patient should be saying to themselves and others, “When I get well,” not “If I get well.” This is extremely important as our mindset is everything!

“Know that there is hope, know that there is possibilities… but you do have to have the mindset of health,” says Dr. Sally Schutz

“Lyme disease meets National Institute of Health’s eight characteristics of pandemics: The disease has a worldwide distribution; is moved long distances by birds; has a high attack rate and explosive spread; offers minimal immunity; can lead to a wide range of chronic manifestations not previously described; is transmitted by a vector; and can lead to severe illness or death. Lyme disease is a pandemic by definition. It’s time to call it one.”  Lymestats.org 

Dr. Sally Schutz is a Lyme warrior having successfully beat Chronic Lyme Disease following a devastating illness. She is known to her staff and patients as simply Dr. Sally, ​trained as an ophthalmic surgeon, and retired from ophthalmology in 1994 following a life threatening car accident. After that she became a healer and educator with another focus: 21st century quantum physics techniques.

Dr. Sally will be talking about her journey with Lyme disease and how she got well with a protocol called BX Antitoxin protocol. This protocol is a web-based treatment that lasts for two years in total but can be done at home. It’s easy to follow and you get step by step guidelines online as to how to follow it and your progress is tracked and recorded. You should be under the care of a functional medical doctor so he can monitor you during this treatment.

She is a co-partner in Best Cann CBD Oil and Flourish Fully Nutrients, which offers high quality products according to her strict requirements. One of her recent books include The AntiAging Miracles of Hemp Derived CBD Oil. Her latest book: “I Beat Lyme ~ So Can You” is coming out this Spring.

Get ready to take a different look at Lyme disease and how this one treatment might be the one to lead you back to good health.

In Celebration of Lyme disease month, as May has now been designated, I’m going to be bringing to you several informative podcasts so that together we can make a difference in bringing awareness to this devastating disease.

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