For over two years now, the Democrats have not accepted the results of the 2016 election. 

Their lack of acceptance fueled a panic leading to the hiring of operatives intent on removing, by innuendo, media blitzkrieg and hoax narratives, a duly elected President. 

They weaponized letter agencies, carried out wiretaps, raids, arrests, confiscated records, phones, computers and had an Army of Attorneys descend upon defenseless citizens and members of the President’s administration.

This was gonna be it. Hopes of uncovering possible links to a narrative that they’ve hung their hats on, that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal an election away from Hillary Clinton. 

The problem though, was that there was never any there there. It’s been a hoax. So all their digging could only come up empty, like a dry well in a Texas oil field. 

What’s so shocking and sad is that It didn’t matter if they ruined lives or financially devastated their targets. 

This Democrat cabal could care less about people who became casualties at the behest of their power grab.

They assured their donors, armed the media and leaked documents that hopefully would fuel their narrative. It all failed. 

The Mueller report is now complete and delivered to the DoJ and no doubt, arguments will begin as to who is going to see the report. No further indictments are expected.

Now, just like the election result, rumblings have begun, questioning the findings of the Special Counsel. Here we go again!

They just won’t take the “L”, accept that their underlying assumptions were all fabricated, pull up their tents and settle elsewhere.

So these relentless Democrats continue to dig and dig and dig. 

Now it appears that they are uncovering lies and finding that all roads are leading back to the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. 

They are the ones who colluded, not with Russia, but with Ukraine. Stay tuned.

This continuing refusal to accept defeat and let it go, may end up uncovering details that will boomerang back on those that really committed crimes.

These disgusting seditious individuals may end up having the noose they sought to hang around the President’s neck, hanging around their own. 

Be careful what you cry for, Bad Karma is a bitch!

Love RayRay and a Poem

De Nile River of Tears

They did not accept the outcome
They could not accept their fate
They would not provide a platform
Only rant of racist hate

They hung their hopes on hoaxes
They stomped on Bill of Rights
They questioned every move he made
Impeachment in their sights

They snuffed out any voices
That call them out to task
They cover with redactions
A game of C Y Ass

Now they want to investigate
What Mueller couldn’t find
Still convinced there’s something there
Delusions of their mind

For two years they’ve paraded
Left progressive bunk
A green new bunch of rookies
Laughing cows that stunk

Killing new born babies
Want to tax us to our death
Take away our doctors
While the Border’s full of meth

Now they are in a panic
That Trump may win again
Making sure illegals vote
Electoral college they’ll up end

Their attacks will be relentless
But In 2020 they will pay
Deplorables with Guns and God
Are bound to rule the day

Written by RayRay 3/22/19©️