The Baton Rouge Miracle

Father of Critically Injured Baton Rouge Deputy Nick Tullier speaks to Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton. In one of the most destructive attacks on Louisiana Law Enforcement, three were murdered and two more shot by a gunmen targeting them in retaliation for officer involved shootings. Nick Tullier of the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs was shot three times. His Father James Tullier was told he would die that day. Nick is still with us miraculously and James tells Host Lt Randy Sutton the story. Don’t miss the touching message of a fathers love.

In his View From The Blue Randy reads a poignant letter by a cop about his reflection of the night of the Dallas Police massacre and Randy applauds members of the New York Police for turning their backs on Mayor DeBlasio for his disrespect in the wake of the assassination of their fallen officer.