In September 2016 I published my story, ‘Victim of the Swamp: How the Deep State Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private.’ A few weeks later I received an email from a Special Agent out of the Lakeland CID Office. The SA was following up on a report they received regarding the cover-up of a pedophile in Iraq that I had written about in my book.

While working on a contract in Baghdad, 2008, I busted a contractor downloading pornography of underage boys having sex with old men. The contractor was working for L3, the prime on the contract, and I discovered it in a security sweep of our government computers. As the Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO), it was part of my deliverables to maintain security compliance. Our main office was just a few doors down from General Petreaus’s office on the third-floor at Aw-Faw Palace, Baghdad.

I wrote up a report and emailed it to my immediate chain of command, which included the program manager for the prime, our mission commander and the president Dynology, the company I was working for; Jim Jones. Dynology was a small, roughly 15-20-person company that was ran by the Jones family. The father, General James Jones, was the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Obama’s National Security Advisor. “Big Jim,” as the general was known by, has the largest office at Dynology’s headquarters in Tyson’s Corner, VA., right next door to his son, Jim. 

I was immediately ordered to lock out the contractor’s government account and collect the laptop for evidence, which I did. A few hours later it was decided that to protect the contract and the mission, we needed to pretend it never happened. The contractor was fired, but the incident was not reported, and he kept his clearance. Even though I was the lowest person in the chain of command, when I was told to either forget it or loose your $240,000-year job and destroy your career, I made the wrong choice. My book was a way for me to get it off my chest.

So, I responded to the request from the agent with CID and answered all their questions to the best of my knowledge. A few weeks later I was asked to meet and provide my statement under oath, which I did. Two Special Agents with CID came out, swore me under oath, and took my statement for a couple hours. 

A short time later we spoke again, and I asked if they had been able to verify my claim, and they confirmed to me that they had. I was told at that time they were only allowed to let a victim of the crime know what, if anything, was taking place with the investigation. A few months ago, I sent a request asking if there was anything I could be told as to what had become of the investigation, and they did not reply. 

The questions I want answers to, is how far up did this go before being covered-up? I know for certain Jim Jones, (Gen. Jones’s son) knew because I told him. I want to know if “Big Jim,” Obama’s National Security Advisor and owner of a new company, ClearForce, which provides compliance for companies with cleared employees. I would also like to know if Petraeus knew, because; how could he not have?

I want to know how far up this went in L3/MPRI’s executive chain of command, because these people very likely hold even far more senior executive positions. Is that a fair question for me to ask, even though I’m not the victim in this crime. Did Obama know? Gen. Jones was appointed as National Security Advisor about 4 months later, and Gen. Petraeus, if I’m not mistaken, was appointed to head the CIA by Obama. That makes two people that most likely had direct knowledge of, or participated in, the cover-up of a pedophile in Iraq. 

I’m writing this article in hopes that enough interest will be generated in this to find out the answers I listed above. This is not some radical conspiracy theory, it is an active, federal investigation that I provided direct witness testimony of. I did my job, and for that, I was placed in a situation by those at the highest levels of my command to cover-up an unspeakable and heinous act.